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International Honors Program

The International Honors Program is designed to complement and enrich the University’s General-Education Program for students in any major who are highly able and motivated. In order to participate and take Honors courses, students must be admitted into the International Program and be members in good standing. Students who complete the International Honors Program take Honors courses in a wide range of subjects, reach a basic level of language competency in a second language, and study abroad for at least one semester, thus providing themselves with a solid foundation for later studies. Courses taken in fulfilling the requirements for the International Honors Program typically also fulfill the University’s General Education Core requirements.


To successfully complete the International Honors Program, a student must be a member of Lloyd International Honors College at the time of graduation, have a UNCG GPA of 3.30 or higher at graduation, and have completed the following course work with grades of A or B:

  1. a first-year Honors seminar (HSS 1XX 3 s.h.) in the first fall semester after having been admitted to Lloyd International Honors College;
  2. HSS 198: Honors Proseminar (1 s.h.) in their first semester after having been admitted to Lloyd International Honors College;
  3. Nine (9) s.h. of additional Honors course work.

In addition, a student must:

  1. master a language other than their native language through the equivalent of the 204 level of language courses taught at UNCG. Ancient languages and sign languages are permitted. This requirement can be fulfilled by any combination of course work, placement tests, and appropriate evidence of mastery through other documentation.
  2. complete an approved international experience, usually in the form of studying abroad for a semester or a full academic year. To document completion of the international experience, students must register for HSS 299 (graded on a pass/not pass basis; 0 s.h.) in the semester in which they complete their report on their international experience.


Students who complete the requirements for the International Honors Program receive a Certificate of International Honors, have that accomplishment noted on their official transcript, and are recognized at a banquet held at the end of the academic year.