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Department of Philosophy

College of Arts & Sciences

216 Foust Building



Gary Rosenkrantz, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Hoffman, Leplin, McConnell, Zimmerman

Associate Professors Gert, Jones, King

Assistant Professor Lefkowitz

Lecturers Gallimore, Hands, Maki, Metivier

The Department of Philosophy offers courses on the fundamental problems and methods of philosophy, the classics of philosophical literature, and the major figures in the history of philosophy.

Philosophy courses fall into natural groups.

  1. Ethics and Theory of Value: 119, 121, 220, 321, 322, 331, 335, 361, 545
  2. Logic, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science: 115, 310, 311, 319, 325, 523, 525, 527, 555, 575
  3. History of Philosophy: 251, 252, 351, 353
  4. Metaphysics: 359, 357, 559, 565

Groups A and B are useful preparation for careers in law and government, and the department offers a major in philosophy with a Prelaw concentration. Group B provides knowledge and skills vital to careers in science and medicine. Group C relates philosophy to other humanistic disciplines and is vital to a liberal education. Group D is necessary for advanced work in philosophy.

All courses under 300 and many higher level courses are open to students without previous training in philosophy. Prerequisites for other courses may be waived at the discretion of the instructor. Students are encouraged to begin work in philosophy by taking 111, 115, 119, 251, 252, or 310.

The department sponsors a philosophy club open to all undergraduates, regardless of major. Each year the department sponsors a number of lectures by distinguished scholars from other institutions. The department conducts a biannual symposium on a topic of current research in philosophy.

There is a chapter of the national philosophy honor society, Phi Sigma Tau, at UNCG. Qualified students are invited to join this chapter.

Each year the department considers applications from undergraduates for The Roger Schwirck Philosophy Award.