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Hospitality and Tourism Minor

Admission requirement: Students must successfully complete HTM 151 with a B- or higher before enrolling in the Hospitality and Tourism Minor

Required: minimum of 15 semester hours

AOS Code: U450

  • The minor is comprised of a nine (9) s.h. core: HTM 151, 251, and 261, with six (6) additional s.h. in upper-level HTM courses from one of the following emphasis areas: Travel and Tourism (HTM 352 and 463 or 320), Hotel Operations (HTM 351 and 374), or Restaurant Operations (HTM 371 and 372).
  • Students must earn an average GPA of 2.50 in all HTM courses taken
  • All prerequisites for courses in the HTM minor must be fulfilled.
  • All business courses require an overall GPA of 2.0 or better.
  • A minimum of nine (9) s.h. in the minor must be taken in residence at UNCG.