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Spanish as a Second Academic Concentration

Required: minimum of 24 semester hours

The department offers a 24-hour second academic concentration in Spanish that meets requirements for Elementary and Middle Grades Education (School of Education) and certain other University programs in education. Consult with the Coordinator for Undergraduate Advising.

All courses must be at the 300 level or above, including:

  1. Bridge language course: 301
  2. Two (2) literature courses: 351, and one 400- or 500-level course
  3. One composition course, selected from 315, 415
  4. One conversation course, selected from 311, 313, 411
  5. One course in civilization, selected from 332, 334, 532, 534, 535
  6. Phonetics: 416
  7. One elective course

The following courses are excluded for credit toward the second academic concentration: SPA 222, 233. No requirement for the concentration can be met by a grade lower than C-.