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Student Academic Services

159 Mossman Building


Students who are placed on academic probation are required to participate in the Student Academic Success Program.


SAS Courses


100 Strategies for Academic Success (0:2)

Enrollment required of, and restricted to, students who are placed on academic probation.

Attendance requirements enforced.

Graded P/NP (Pass/Not Pass).

Failure to register for SAS 100 and to attend the first class meeting will result in immediate academic suspension. If extraordinary circumstances prevent students from attending the first class meeting, they should contact the Retention Coordinator in Student Academic Services prior to that meeting to avoid immediate suspension.

Topics will include self-assessment, motivation, goal-setting, study skills, learning styles, time management, and campus resources. Students will develop and follow an individualized learning plan to address their particular challenges and needs. (Fall & Spring & Summer)

200 Academic Success for Continuing Students (0:2)

Enrollment is required of, and restricted to, undergraduates who are placed on academic probation following any semester of academic good standing at UNCG.

Graded P/NP (Pass/Not Pass).

Course emphasizes building interdependent campus relationships; enhancing self-assessment, self-efficacy, and self-advocacy; and fostering academic and career goal setting. (Fall & Spring)