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Specialized Education Services Courses (SES)

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

508 International Service-Learning in Special Education (6:6)

A cross-cultural experience to learn about special education and early childhood practices through a service-learning project, program visits, and professional exchanges. Historical context and cultural practices emphasized. (Summer)

540 Introduction to Exceptional Individuals (3:3)

Restricted to seniors and graduate students.

Introductory course designed to survey the field of exceptional children. Major attention focused on characteristics of the exceptional child. (Fall & Spring & Summer)

543 Inclusion of Individuals with Special Needs (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Restricted to seniors and graduate students.

Explores critical issues, service delivery alternatives, and promising practices that promote responsible inclusion of individuals with special needs in integrated learning environments. (Fall)

577 Auditory-Oral Communication Practices with Deaf Students (3:3)

Pr. 240 or equivalent and CSD 334

Strategies for developing and maintaining spoken language and using residual hearing and speechreading in school-age children with hearing loss. (Fall)

578 Language Teaching Methods with Deaf Students (3:3:3)

Pr. 2.75 overall GPA; SES 240 and admission to Teacher Education, or 240 and permission of instructor

Principles and strategies for developing English language proficiency in deaf and hard of hearing students. Emphasis on integration of English instruction with academic content. (Fall & Spring)

Please refer to The Graduate School Bulletin for additional graduate-level courses.