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Professions in Deafness Major (PRDF)

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Required: 125–128 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level

Available Concentrations and AOS Codes:
Advocacy and Services for the Deaf, U931
American Sign Language Teacher Licensure, U933
Auditory-Oral/Birth–Kindergarten Teacher Licensure, U261
Interpreter Preparation, U932
K–12 Teacher Education Preparation, U145

The Professions in Deafness major provides opportunities for study in five concentrations: Advocacy and Services for the Deaf; American Sign Language Teacher Licensure; Auditory-Oral/Birth–Kindergarten Teacher Licensure; Interpreter Preparation; and K–12 Teacher Education Preparation. All areas of study focus on the unique educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children emphasizing language acquisition, teaching methods, and communication modes. Specialized training in communication modes is offered through sign classes and the Sign Language Laboratory. Supervised experiences are available for student observations, volunteer work, and practicum in area public schools and other settings.

Also see Teacher Education for Teacher Education admission requirements.

See requirements for the following concentrations: