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Social Studies High School Teaching Licensure

Required: minimum of 36 semester hours in social studies beyond the requirements for the Sociology major

Social Studies Requirements

See Teachers Academy for list of approved courses to be taken in each of the following disciplines: anthropology, economics, geography, history, and political science.

Teacher Licensure Requirements

  1. General Education requirements as identified within each major
  2. HEA 201 Personal Health
  3. ELC 381 The Institution of Education
  4. TED 450 Psychological Foundations of Education
  5. TED 470 Reading Education
  6. TED 545 Diverse Learners
  7. Student Teaching
  8. For 9–12 subject area licensure, students must take the appropriate Teaching Practices and Curriculum Course (TED 551, 552, 553, 557, or 559) and TED 465 Student Teaching and Seminar.


Electives sufficient to complete the 122 semester hours required for degree.