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Social Work Courses (SWK)

Courses for Undergraduates

215 Introduction to Social Work (3:3)

Introduction to social welfare programs and social work practice. Topics include: social problems confronting society; societal and community helping resources; social work practice in a changing society. Field observation required. (Fall & Spring)

250 Introduction to Social Work Data Analysis (3:3)

Pr. or Coreq. SWK 215

Designed to introduce students to the application of basic statistics and data analysis encountered in social work practice. Topics include elementary descriptive and inferential procedures. (Spring)

310 Social Policy and Services (4:3:3)

Pr. 215; major or minor in social work

Examination and survey of historical development of the concept of social welfare; analysis of theoretical framework used to organize the study of social welfare services. Supervised volunteer experience required. (Fall)

311 Human Behavior and Social Environment (3:3)

GE Core: GSB

Pr. 215 or permission of instructor

Emphasis on theories relevant to understanding and influencing change on the societal, organizational, group, and individual levels. (Fall)

315 Social Work, Diversity, and Vulnerable Populations (3:3)

Pr. SWK 215; major or minor in Social Work

Examination and understanding of cultural and human diversity with focus on oppressed groups. Students will have the opportunity to learn about broad differences and likenesses among diverse populations and cultures. (Spring)

325 Research in Social Work Practice (3:3)

Pr. SWK 215 and STA 108 or SWK 250, and admission to major

Focus on social workers as both consumers and producers of research. Emphasis on using research for needs assessment, evaluation of social work interventions and creation of new social work knowledge. (Spring)

351 Professional Skills (3:3:1)

Pr. 215, 310, 311, and admission to major

Lecture-laboratory course to teach verbal and written skills necessary for conducting the helping interview and other related social work activities. Extensive use of simulated role play experience and instructor/peer feedback. (Spring)

411 Social Work Methods I (3:3)

Pr. admission to field instruction

Coreq. SWK 413 and 415.

Majors only.

Emphasis on knowledge, values, process, and skills in social work practice and introduction to interventive methods. (Fall)

412 Social Work Methods II (3:3)

Pr. 411

Coreq. SWK 414 and 416.

Majors only.

Focus on development of social work practice skills emphasizing delivery of social services. (Spring)

413 Field Instruction I (5:0:16)

Pr. admission to the social work major, completion of 215, 310, 311, 315, 325 and 351, and admission to field instruction

Coreq. 411 and 415

Educationally directed learning experienced by performing a range of activities related to entry level practice. (Fall)

414 Field Instruction II (5:0:16)

Pr. 411, 413 and 415

Coreq. 412 and 416

Continuation of 413. Emphasis placed upon extended application and evaluation in the practice environment. (Spring)

415 Field Instruction Seminar I (1:1)

Pr. admission to field instruction

Coreq. SWK 411 and 413.

Critical review and analysis of application of social work theory in practice setting. (Fall)

416 Field Instruction Seminar II (1:1)

Pr. 415

Coreq. SWK 412 and 414.

Continues critical review and analysis of social work theory in practice setting. (Spring)

451 Special Problems in Social Work (1–3)

Pr. requires written plan, permission of sponsoring instructor, and approval of department head.

May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

Intensive independent study of specialized topics. (Fall & Spring)

491 Family-Centered Interdisciplinary Practice: System of Care (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

System of care core values/principles infuse service planning/ delivery. Students develop competencies in family-centerdness, client partnerships; community services; cultural competency; interagency collaboration. Placement with families included. (Spring) (Same as HDF 491, HEA 491, RPM 491)