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Social Work Courses (SWK)

Undergraduate social work majors may not enroll in a 500-level social work course unless they have completed at least 84 semester hours including SWK 215, 310, 311, 315, 325, and 351; or have received special permission of the instructor. Undergraduate social work minors must also have completed a minimum of 84 semester hours including SWK 215, 310, and 311; or receive permission of the instructor to take a 500-level social work course.

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

510 Selected Topics in Social Work (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

Opportunity for students to study in depth topic of special interest.

520 Methods and Practice of Family and Marital Therapy (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Systems/communications approach to marital and family therapy. Students develop ability to apply concepts to understand and intervene in family systems. Related therapeutic concepts and techniques also discussed.

522 Comparative Study of Cross-cultural Social Work Practice (3:3)

GE Marker: GL

Pr. for undergraduates: 215, 310, 311, 315, 325, 351

May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

Compares social work, social service programs, and social policies of the U.S. with those of selected other countries throughout the world, emphasizing services for families, children, and vulnerable populations. (Summer)

527 Human Services for Immigrants and Refugees (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

A perspective on the history of immigration, its role in the U.S.A., immigrants in North Carolina, their process of integration, cross-cultural competency, and the challenges in services delivery to immigrants. (Fall)

530 Social Agency Program Development (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Organization of new agencies or those initiating additional services. Needs assessment, resource development, grant writing, agency operations, and relationships with funding agencies.

540 Social Entrepreneurship: Justice and a Green Environment (3:3)

Pr. upper division undergraduate or graduate student status

Interdisciplinary course in social entrepreneurship. Exploration of models for designing and implementing entrepreneurial projects that respond to social, economic, environmental, and justice issues. Introduction to direct action and evaluation. (Same as BUS 540, CST 540, ENT 540, WGS 540)

550 Social Services in Health Care (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Examination of social services in health care settings. Emphasis on organizational context, interdisciplinary cooperation, and skill required for work in primary care setting.

551 Special Problems in Social Work (1–3)

Pr. requires written plan, permission of sponsoring instructor, and approval of department head.

Intensive, independent study of specialized topics.

554 Social Work with People Who are Mentally Ill (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

This course will provide knowledge and skills necessary for practicing effective social work with people who are mentally ill and their families. (Fall & Spring)

555 Substance Abuse and Social Work Practice (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Introduction to the issues of substance abuse and addiction and their impact on clients and their families. Social work assessment and intervention methods will be taught. (Spring)

570 Social Services for the Aging (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Systematic study of social work approaches to providing services to the aging. Focus on current policies, services, and models of practice.

582 School Social Work (3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Examination and understanding of school social work services with emphasis on professional standards, cultural sensitivity, accountability, and program planning.

584 Social Services for Children (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Designed for practitioners and students to provide knowledge for working with children and to teach strategies, techniques, and skills for effective treatment.

585 Social Work with Families in Crisis (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Social work practice with families in crisis, with a focus on problems currently faced by families and strategies to help them.

Please refer to The Graduate School Bulletin for additional graduate-level courses; including 600-level courses restricted to those students admitted to the Master in Social Work program.