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Honors in Theatre

Requirements (12 semester hours)

Nine semester hours in the major, selected from:

  • THR 232 Acting II Honors
  • any 500-level THR courses, completing graduate work with graduate students. Instructor must be notified at the beginning of course.
  • any THR course negotiated as a Contract Course between the Honors Candidate and the instructor, meeting Honors council guidelines for Contract Courses. See advisor for application forms and deadlines for submission.
  • HSS 330 Honors Independent Study, under the guidance of a faculty member, perhaps taken in preparation for the Capstone Experience/Project. See advisor for approval.
  • THR 483 Honors Work, toward HSS 490

Note: University Honors courses may be substituted for up to 6 s.h. of the 9 s.h. required. These courses offer a wide range of subjects and can often serve as GEC courses for the Theatre Major.

Three semester hours in HSS 490 Senior Honors Project
The B.A. Capstone Experience, building on earlier courses, and/or University Studies Abroad to create a capstone experience, can serve as credit for HSS 490. HSS 490 can substitute for THR 498. Students present their topics to their B.A. Faculty Review Committees for approval at least one semester before completing the capstone project. Upon completing the project, students summarize and analyze their project with the Faculty Review Committee. See advisor for possible capstone project examples.


  • A grade of at least B in all course work used to satisfy the Honors requirements for Theatre
  • A declared Theatre Major
  • At least a 3.30 overall GPA at graduation


The designation “Completed Disciplinary Honors in Theatre” and the title of the Senior Honors Project will be printed on the student’s official transcript.

Honors Advisor

See Deborah Bell and undergraduate curriculum advisor for further information and guidance about Honors in Theatre.