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Admission to Student Teaching

During the junior year, students already admitted to the Teacher Education Program must apply for admission to Student Teaching.

Student Teaching admission includes:

  1. Grade point average of at least 2.50 (some departments require a GPA higher than a 2.50 for student teaching).
  2. Approval of the school or department in which the student is majoring.
  3. Completion of additional requirements specific to the major department or school teacher education program.

Application forms are available from the Teachers Academy and in most licensure program offices. Forms must be submitted by November 1 for student teaching in the fall of the following year, and by February 15 for student teaching in the spring of the following year.

Student teaching assignments are usually made in schools within commuting distance of UNCG. Teacher education students are individually responsible for expenses incurred during student teaching, including transportation.

Student teaching in some subject areas is offered only in either the fall or the spring semester. Any student who plans to student teach should check with the Teachers Academy to be certain of the semester when student teaching will be offered in a particular subject area.