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Services for Students

Career Services Center (1 Elliott University Center)

The mission of the Career Services Center is to provide guidance and resources to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni for their lifelong career development. The Career Services Center staff members strive to provide the very best services and strongly subscribe to a “student-centered” philosophy. Services are provided in four major areas:

  1. Career planning
  2. Internships
  3. Student employment
  4. Job search assistance for post-graduate employment and planning for graduate and professional school

Staff members are available to assist students and alumni with their career plans through individual appointments. A number of tools are available to help students assess individual interests, values, skills, and work setting preferences. A computerized guidance system (Discover) is available to students and alumni who want to examine major/career options or gather information on various occupations. The Center maintains a Resource Library that houses career information on careers and the job search. The Career Services Web site provides listings of internships, part-time and full-time jobs, as well as a multitude of career-related resources.

The Career Services Center aids students in locating credit or non-credit, paid or unpaid internship opportunities within the local Triad area as well as in other locations worldwide. The Student Employment Office assists students in finding part-time and summer employment.

Full-time job search assistance is provided through a number of programs and services. Individual appointments may be scheduled with staff to discuss career and job search strategies and graduate school preparation. To aid students in making employer contacts, a number of special events are sponsored, including the annual Career Day, Education Career Day, Summer Job Fair, Part-time Job Fair, Nursing Career Day, Spring Career Expo, and Consortium Nonprofit Job Fair. A networking event, etiquette dinner, and alumni and employer panels help enhance students' career preparation. Students are encouraged to set up a SpartanCareers account with the Career Services Center so that they may sign up for on-campus interviews, search the extensive employer database, and be included in the online "resume book." In SpartanCareers, a student may also set up a "job agent," which will e-mail new internship and job postings based on the student's criteria.

Please contact the Career Services Center for further information and individual appointments at 336/334-5454.