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Services for Students

Spartan Mail (Campus Mail Office)
(Dining Hall Atrium)

The Spartan Mail Center, located in the Atrium of the Dining Hall, is responsible for the distribution and collection of campus mail. Spartan Mail handles all types of United States Postal Service mail, including Express, Certified, and Insured, as well as UPS services. Stamps are available from vending machines outside the Spartan Mail Center and in Elliott University Center. Drop boxes are located in the Atrium.

The postal service window is open 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m. weekdays and student boxes can be accessed any time the Dining Hall is open. For further information, go to:

Campus mailboxes, located in the Atrium, are for residential students only. Mailboxes are also available for residents of Spring Garden Apartments. All residential students receive a UNCG Station box number and combination during Orientation, if they have been assigned to on-campus housing. Students typically retain their campus mail boxes as long as they live on campus. Those that leave the residence halls for any reason other than to participate in a study abroad program should submit a change of address to the Spartan Mail Center. If studying abroad, so indicate on the change of address so mail will be forwarded beyond the 60 days.