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Services for Students

Parking Operations and Campus Access Management (336/334-5681)


Parking Permits

Any vehicle parked on UNCG property, other than metered spaces, must display a valid UNCG parking permit. The type of permit indicates the areas where the vehicle may be parked. Students are given permit options based on their status. Students living on campus are given resident options. Students living off campus are given commuter options.

Permit pricing and information can be found online at To purchase a permit online, students must be registered for classes, have a Novell username and password, and a housing assignment (if applicable). Please have vehicle and insurance information available when completing the online form. When students receive their parking permit they will also receive a copy of UNCG Parking Operations and Campus Access Management Rules and Regulations along with a map. Students should review both so they are familiar with our guidelines as well as the lots designated for their permit type.

HEAT (Higher Education Area Transit) is a college and university transit service formed in partnership with Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA) serving Greensboro residents and UNCG Students. HEAT provides enhanced and expanded transportation services to the Greensboro community for UNCG students on both HEAT and GTA buses by swiping their SpartanCard. Visit for more specific information on HEAT services including route information.

Evening Safety Shuttle

Parking Operations provides Evening Shuttle Buses, called Spartan Chariots. The Spartan Chariot runs a continuous route around campus with stops approximately every fifteen minutes. Designated stops are at or near blue emergency phones around campus. Shuttles operate seven (7) days a week except during holidays and University breaks. Service begins at 5:30 p.m. and the last loop begins at 1:15 a.m.

Parking Fines and Penalties

Parking fines range from $15 to $620+. Vehicles deemed in serious violation may warrant towing. The vehicle will be cited with a violation in addition to being booted and/or towed. Charges for towed vehicles are to be cleared with the outside towing agency and could cost $85 or more. Boot removal fees are $40 and must be paid at the time of removal. Towing is enforced on city streets, which are patrolled by UNCG Parking Operations and the City of Greensboro.