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Services for Students

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center currently houses three different but related academic support service units complementing the efforts of the teaching faculty through personalized and structured approaches to learning which include tutoring, academic counseling, computer literacy instruction, learning skills development, and workshops.

Learning Assistance Center (104 McIver)

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) provides services to help undergraduates improve their academic performance and achieve their educational goals. Free services for all undergraduate students include: peer tutoring in selected 100- and 200-level courses, along with a select few 300- and 400-level courses, skills assessment, workshops, learning skills instruction, and learning skills handouts. For further information about the support services available through the LAC, call 336/334-3878, or visit the Web site at

Special Support Services (110 McIver)

Special Support Services (SSS) is a comprehensive educational support program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and UNCG. The program provides the following free services to first generation undergraduate students in a supportive and caring atmosphere that enables them to achieve high levels of academic success at UNCG: academic, career, and personal counseling; peer mentoring; graduate school guidance; peer and professional tutoring in many courses (all levels); learning skills assessment and resources; individualized instruction in study skills, writing, and computer literacy; and workshops.

Students may enroll at any point during their college careers and have continuing access to the program services until graduation. For more information about SSS, call 336/334-7533, or visit our Web site at