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Student Media

The CarolinianUNCG’s student newspaper is published weekly during the academic year except during holidays and examination periods. The purpose of The Carolinian is to publish all campus news, local, state, and national news of relevance to the campus, and other articles of interest to the campus. Visit them online at

The CoraddiUNCG’s student literary magazine is published twice during the academic year. The purpose of The Coraddi is to publish the work of talented students in the field of poetry, fiction, art, and photography. The Coraddi provides experience and training in a non-academic setting to those students interested in editing, illustration, design, layout, and the entire field of magazine publishing. You may visit them online at

WUAG—Music 103 is UNCG’s student operated radio station located at 103 on the FM dial. WUAG is totally operated by students under the University Station Advisory Board. WUAG is on the air seven days a week offering album-oriented rock and jazz in a progressive, noncommercial format. Its purposes are to entertain and inform students about events on campus and in the community and to provide academic extracurricular radio experience for those interested in broadcasting. WUAG news, programming, music, production, and programming departments are open to all UNCG students. Visit them online at