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Women’s and Gender Studies Major (WGST)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level

AOS Code: U871

Student Learning Goals

  • To know how women’s lives have been affected by social institutions around the world and throughout the United States;
  • To investigate the history of ideas about gender;
  • To understand women’s lives as they relate to the disciplinary areas of arts and sciences, education, business, and health-related professions;
  • To appreciate the variety of choices and limitations in women’s lives as they are shaped by biology and society;
  • To explore all these areas by conducting research (either qualitative or quantitative), by reading deeply and widely and thinking and writing critically and reflectively;
  • To understand in critical context feminist theory;
  • To complicate understandings of gender with critical awareness of interrelationships to race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion;
  • And to gain understanding of the interrelationships between theories and practices through fieldwork, observation, and discussion.


I General Education Core Requirements (GEC)

See complete GEC requirements and approved course listings for all categories.

Core Category


Students may select courses for:


Literature (GLT)


Fine Arts (GFA)


Historical Perspectives on Western Culture (GHP)


Mathematics (GMT)


Natural Sciences (GNS)
one must be a laboratory course; each must have a different departmental prefix


Reasoning and Discourse (GRD)
ENG 101 or FMS 115 or RCO 101, and one additional GRD course


Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)




Department specifies courses for:


Philosophical, Religious, Ethical Principles (GPR)
required: WGS 350


One additional GLT course (student may select)


Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)
required: WGS 250 and two other GSB courses



II General Education Marker Requirements

See details and courses. It is possible to meet all GE Marker Requirements while completing the GE Core requirements or courses required by the major/ concentration.

Students may select courses for:

Global/Global Non-Western Perspectives (GL/GN)
four (4) courses carrying GL/GN markers, at least one of which must carry the GN marker

One Speaking Intensive (SI) Course
In addition to this SI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second SI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements that is taught as Speaking Intensive.

One Writing Intensive (WI) Course
In addition to this WI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second WI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements that is taught as Writing Intensive.


III College of Arts and Sciences Additional Requirements (CAR)

See requirements and approved courses.



Historical Perspectives on Western Culture
one GPM (Premodern) or GMO (Modern) course, depending on category used to satisfy GHP requirement


Natural Sciences
any GLS or GPS course


Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)
any additional GSB course with a different departmental prefix


Foreign Language (GFL)
intermediate-level proficiency in one language, demonstrated by placement test, or completion of course work through course number 204


Writing Intensive Courses (WI)
a total of four WI courses



IV Major Requirements

Minimum 27 semester hours above the 100 level

Core Requirements (9 semester hours)

The following courses are required of all majors: WGS 250*, 350*, 490

*WGS 250 satisfies one GSB; WGS 350 satisfies one GPR.

Electives (18 semester hours)

18 s.h. of approved courses from among the following:CED 574; ENG 331, 332, 531; ESS 532; HDF 407; HEA 260, 333; HIS 304, 328, 329, 359, 551; MST 325; NUR 330; PSC 335, 336; PSY 346; REL 309, 310; SOC 329, 354/MGT 354; SPA 222; TED 555; WGS 333, 400*, 450, 460, 490

Special topics courses or sections with central focus on women and gender may be approved for elective credit by the Director of WGS.

Please note that these courses are cross-listed; students should select only one: HEA 333/NUR 330; SOC 354/MGT 354

*Only two Independent Studies equivalent to six (6) semester hours may be taken toward the Women’s and Gender Studies major.