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African American Studies Program (AFS)

College of Arts & Sciences
Special Programs in Liberal Studies

200 Foust Building

(336) 334-5673


African American Studies Courses (AFS) | African American Studies Minor | Mission Statement


Committee Members

Frank Woods, Director, African American Studies Program

Willie L. Baber, Department of Anthropology

Jeutonne Brewer, Department of English

Kathleen Casey, School of Education

Michael Cauthen, Lecturer, African American Studies Program

Mary V. Compton, Department of Communication

George Dimock, Department of Art

Mary P. Erdmans, Department of Sociology

SallyAnn H. Ferguson, Department of English

Colleen Kriger, Department of History

Carolyn Moore, Department of Social Work

Deborah Pelli, Department of Biology

Lenora Richardson, School of Nursing

Pamela A. Wilson, Office of Multicultural Affairs


Mission Statement

The African American Studies Program is committed to sustaining an academic environment in which African American students and students of every race or ethnicity are motivated to develop to their full potential. Through interdisciplinary courses, the students can achieve an informed appreciation of the history and socioculture of persons of African descent, as well as the history and socioculture of others. Set in an urban institutional environment, the Program offers students an array of scholastic and experiential opportunities. The Program contributes to the social, aesthetic, and ethical development of its students and supports them as they pursue their academic goals. African American Studies nurtures intellectual curiosity, tolerance, and commitment to the ideals of social justice and equality, attributes prized by the University community and society at large.

The program has several objectives:

  1. To promote the teaching and learning about the history and experience of blacks in American society as an integral part of the University experience.
  2. To add a vital humanistic dimension to the liberal arts undergraduate experience of students in the university by enabling all students, black and white, to learn how blacks have exerted an indelible impact on American society and to assist black students in learning more about their history and background.
  3. To provide a global perspective to the University community by presenting students with various opportunities to engage in courses which promote learning about the culture of Africa, individuals in Africa and African diaspora countries.
  4. To provide a learning environment for students through courses and activities that develop research, writing, critical thinking and effective communication.
  5. To establish and maintain the interdisciplinary nature of the program by offering courses from other departments which reflect and support the major objectives of the program.

Students who wish to propose a Special Program in Liberal Studies minor in African American Studies should contact the Director of African American Studies. The Director or members of the Committee will advise the student in the selection of courses to constitute the minor.

The undergraduate courses listed below focus almost entirely on issues, areas of knowledge, and concerns related to the black experience.


Special Programs in Liberal Studies
Minor in African American Studies

AOS Code: U815

Required: minimum of 18 semester hours

Required courses

  1. AFS 100 and 210
  2. Twelve additional hours to be selected from the following courses: AFS 200, 305; ATY 325, 335; DCE 215, 315; ENG 315, 374, 376; HIS 203, 204, 301, 302, 303, 304, 306, 502, 581, 587; MUS 214, 344; PSC 391; REL 131, 351; SOC 227; Residential College courses with appropriate content and focus.

Recently, HIS 203, 204, 301, 302, 502 and MUS 214 and 344 have been approved to be cross-listed with African American courses.


African American Studies Courses (AFS)

For Undergraduates

100 Blacks in America (3:3).


Introduction to African-American culture through an historical and social perspective. (FA,SP)

200 African American Art History (3:3).

The development of African American art placed within the context of mainstream American art and the history of the blacks in this country.

210 Blacks in American Society: Social, Economic, and Political Perspectives (3:3).


Social, political, economic experience of blacks in the United States. Topics include the black family, Civil Rights Movement, black politicians, and blacks in the labor market.

305 Special Topics in African American Studies (3:3).

Pr. 100 or permission of instructor.

  • May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.

An in-depth study of a selected topic or topics in African American Studies involving directed reading and research. (FA/SP)

310 The Portrayal of African Americans in Film (3:3).

An examination of African American film roles as a reflector of America's perception of black character and behavior. Various film genres will be considered for insight into movie portrayals as social commentary. (FA)

400 Independent Study (1-3).

Pr. permission of Director of African American Studies and faculty mentor.

Intensive independent study on special topics related to the African American experience. (FA,SP,SU)

493 Honors Work (3-6).

See prerequisites under Honors Program, XXX 493

  • May be repeated for credit if the topic of study change

Contact: University Registrar's Office
Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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