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Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC)
School of Education

239A Curry Building
(336) 334-3490

Curriculum and Teaching Major | Educational Administration/Leadership Majors | Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations Courses (ELC)


Ulrich C. Reitzug, Professor and Chair of the Department

Professors Brubaker, Goldman, Purpel, Shapiro; Associate Professor Casey; Assistant Professors Lashley, Mayo, Riehl, Williamson; Adjunct Professor Stinson; Adjunct Associate Professors Ford, Lancaster, Moore, Reichard; Adjunct Assistant Professors Coble, Jones, Maddox-Britt; Visiting Assistant Professor Hudson; Lecturers Teague, Jones, Kaiser, Medley, Worrell

A major component of this department is an undergraduate course, ELC 381, "The Institution of Education," which is required of all students who are planning to seek teacher licensure.

Educational Administration/Leadership Majors

Degrees offered:

Master of Education in Higher Education
Master of School Administration
Specialist in Education, EdS
Doctor of Education, EdD.

Curriculum and Teaching Major

Degree offered

Cultural Foundations (PhD)


There are no undergraduate areas of study offered by this department.

Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations Courses (ELC)

For Undergraduates

375 Philosophy of Education (3:3).

Philosophical questions related to education, such as what is education, how are the aims of education to be decided, and what is knowledge, pursued in conjunction with classic historic readings in the philosophies of education and knowledge as well as selected contemporary reading.

381 The Institution of Education (3:3).

  • Required of students seeking teacher licensure.

Historical background, purposes, and concepts basic to public education; school as an expression of social and economic life, as a modifying influence on life, as an interpreter of ideologies, as an instrument for the transmission of culture; evolution, use, and personal significance to teachers of the dominant American philosophy of education.

For Advanced Undergraduates and Graduate Students

506 Institutes in Education (1-3).

  • Students may apply no more than 3 hours of this course to any degree program.
  • Grade: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, S/U.

Practicum or workshop experiences to focus on issues, problems, or approaches in the profession.

581 Teaching in the Urban School (3:3).

Pr. admission to teacher education or permission of instructor.

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for educators to examine research and literature related to the problems of teaching in the urban school.


Please refer to The Graduate School Bulletin for additional graduate level courses.


Contact: University Registrar's Office
Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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