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International Business Studies Program
Bryan School of Business & Economics

441 Bryan Building
(336) 334-4547

International Business Studies Major (BS)
| Mission Statement

Committee Members

Frank Land, Chair, International Business Studies Program, Center for Global Business Education and Research

C. Edward Arrington, Department of Accounting

Thomas Fitzgerald, Department of Anthropology

Jean P. Koenig, Department of Romance Languages

Dennis Leyden, Department of Economics

Paul Muchinsky, Department of Business Administration

David Olson, Department of Political Science

Riad A. Ajami, Director, Center for Global Business Education and Research, ex officio

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Business Studies Program Major is to contribute to the strategic focus of the Bryan School by providing students the best possible preparation for careers in a global economy. The program recognizes the importance of language proficiency and the multicultural nature of international business. Those needs are addressed by using an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes both understanding the business and economic institutions and practices in the global environment and the nature of culture and the role it plays in international business together with language proficiency.

The International Business Studies major is an interdisciplinary program in the Bryan School of Business and Economics administratively located in the Center for Global Business education and Research. An interdisciplinary committee recommends curriculum and degree requirements from the Bryan School of Business and Economics and the College of Arts and Sciences. The program is distinctive in the Bryan School by requiring experiences and competence in areas such as language that are not required in other business programs. The need to understand other cultures, societies and economies is met by requiring/recommending more in liberal education and cognate areas that is required in the All University Liberal Education Requirements (AULER) for other business programs.

International Business Studies Major
Degree: Bachelor of Science

Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level
AOS Code: U830


  1. Formal admission to the International Business Studies Program:
a. Successful completion of ACC 201, 202; ECO 201, 202, 250; ISM 110; and MAT 120 or 191; and a foreign language at the intermediate level, e.g. FRE 204.
Students are required to have a minimum grade of C in each of the preadmission courses and an overall grade point average of 2.0 in these courses.
b. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.5
  1. 122 semester hours
  2. Maintenance of a 2.5 overall GPA
  3. One academic year study abroad
  4. At least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the degree must be earned at UNCG

All University Liberal Education Requirements (AULER) (45 hours)

All students in this program must complete AULER requirements, plus additional and specified requirements as indicated below. Students should note that the International Business Studies program requirements differ in some specific instances from the AULER requirements for other business programs.

AULER Area/Required Courses Sem Hrs

Analytical and Evaluative Studies (AE) 3
Recommended: ATY 213; REL 109, 251
British or American Literature (BL) 3
Fine Arts (FA) 3
Recommended: ART 100; DCE 201, 202; MUS 241
Historical Perspectives on Western Culture (HP) 3
Recommended: HIS 327, 374; PHI 252
Mathematics (MT) 3
Required: MAT 120 or 191
Natural Science (NS) 6
Required: one Physical Science and one Life Science
Non-Western Studies (NW) 3
Required: INS 233A
Reasoning and Discourse (RD) 6
Required: ENG 101 or FMS 103 or RCO 101, and CST 105
Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB) 6
Required: ECO 201, 202
World Literature (WL) 3
Recommended: FRE 222, 354; SPA 222, 351; GER 218
AULER Electives (AL) 6
Required: foreign language proficiency in one language through the intermediate (203-204) level;
see specific requirements.
Writing Intensive Courses
Four writing intensive courses are required. Writing intensive courses are designated by a "W" course suffix, e.g. ATY 213W, in the semester Schedule of Courses. A summary of each semester's writing intensive courses can also be found in the Schedule of Courses book.
See a detailed listing of the complete AULER area requirements and courses meeting those requirements. See a complete explanation of writing intensive requirements.

Major and Related Area Requirements

  1. Fundamentals of Business (45 hours)
AC 201, 202; ECO 201, 202, 250, 300; FIN 315; ISM 110, 280, 360; MGT 301, 312, 330, 491; MKT 320
  1. International Studies (18-24 hours)
Six hours in a foreign language at the intermediate level (203-204 level).
Six hours in a foreign language beyond the intermediate level in literature, 300-level conversation, or intensive language study in a foreign country.
Non-native speakers of English are exempted from the foreign language requirements and from the six hours of literature, conversation or foreign study.
Three hours in core International Studies courses: INS 233A.
Three to nine hours in country/regional specific courses taken in a foreign country (e.g. Mexican Culture, Latin American Tradition and Culture, Doing Business the European Union).
  1. Nine to ten hours in one of the following categories (9-10 hours)
Marketing: MKT 426, plus two courses from MKT 306, 307, 321, 421, 422, or 424
Economics: ECO 360 or 363, plus any two ECO courses above the 300-level
Finance: FIN 330, 442, and 410
Accounting: ACC 203 and 318, plus two courses above ACC 318
Human Resource Management: MGT 313, plus two courses from MGT 314, 315, 317, or 475
Management: Three courses from MGT 332, 354, 375, or 470
Under special circumstances and with the permission of the Committee, some substitutions for required courses may be made.
  1. One additional AULER Social and Behavioral Science course (3 hours)
Recommended: ATY 212; GEO 105, 202, 344; PSC 240, 260; SOC 211


Electives sufficient to complete the 122 hours required for the degree.


Contact: University Registrar's Office
Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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