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International Studies Program (INS)
College of Arts & Sciences Special Programs in Liberal Studies

200 Foust Building
(336) 334-5989

International Studies Courses (INS) | International Studies Minor | Major Requirements | Rationale and Course Content | Special Programs in Liberal Studies Major


Committee Members

Robert Griffiths, Director, International Studies Program

Julie Brown, Department of Sociology

Roberto Campo, Department of Romance Languages

Betty Carpenter, Residential College

William Crowther, Department of Political Science

Keith Debbage, Department of Geography

Colleen Kriger, Department of History

Frank Land, Department of Business Administration

Mark Schumacher, Jackson Library

Rationale and Course Content

The International Studies program focuses on international issues, areas of investigation, and concerns that lie outside the parameters of traditional academic disciplines. The goals of the program are to enrich, complement, and coordinate departmental offerings and to provide a range of skills for students preparing careers in which knowledge of foreign cultures and understanding of global processes are important. All students must take two core seminars: INS 233 and INS 400. INS 400 may be taken twice once in the junior year (as INS 400a) and once in the senior year (as INS 400b). Students participating in International Studies Program are strongly encouraged to study abroad as an integral part of their undergraduate education.

Students participating in International Studies with a major, second major, or minor choose one of three areas of concentration:

I: Global Affairs and International Development (major or minor): A study of interdependence among peoples, governments, and nations of the world as problems of progress or survival bear on the future of the entire planet. May focus on socioeconomics and political change as they affect relationships between nations.

II: Inter-Cultural Studies (major or minor): A study of the common, yet varied human experience through the arts, literature, and the social sciences, focusing on problems of understanding.

III: Regional Studies: Study of the languages, peoples and nations of four specific regions.

a. Russian Studies (major or minor)
b. European Studies (second major or minor)
c. African Studies (minor)
d. Asian Studies (minor)

In all areas of concentration, the course of study includes completion of a modern foreign language (which must be Russian in the case of Russian Studies) through one year above the intermediate level, the two core seminars (INS 233 and INS 400), and additional courses selected according to the student's special interests in consultation with the Director of the Program. In declaring a major, second major, or minor, the student will file a Plan of Study, signed by the Director, with the Office of Academic Advising. This Plan will be used to determine whether the requirements of the program have been satisfied. Students whose particular interests are not satisfactorily addressed by the areas of concentration listed above may design a coherent plan in a different area, in consultation with the Director of International Studies Program.

Special Programs in Liberal Studies Major
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

International Studies Concentration

Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level
Concentrations and AOS Codes:

Global Affairs and International Development, U809
Inter Cultural Studies, U810
European Studies, U812
Russian Studies, U802
African Studies (minor only), U818
Asian Studies (minor only), U819

Major Requirements

27 semester hours above the 100 level. To complete a second major, at least 12 semester hours must be taken outside the major in which the first major is obtained.

A. Foreign Language Requirements, 6 sem hrs

One year beyond the intermediate level of
a modern foreign language

B. Core Courses, 6 sem hrs

INS 233A or 233B
INS 400A or 400B

C. Additional courses, 15 sem hr

To be selected from the following categories, with no more than two courses from any one category:

  1. Arts and Literature: Any course in the Arts and Literature with a focus (1/2 or more) on international materials (i.e., excluding the United States), or any course reading literature in a foreign language above the 200 level.
  2. Society and Politics: Any course with a primary focus on international social, historical, and political issues.
  3. Economics and Environment: Any course with a primary focus on international dimensions of economics and on environmental issues.
  4. Belief Systems: Any course with a primary focus on ideological, religious, or philosophical issues and their international impact.

INS 333 may be included for credit in any of these four categories depending upon the content of the course, which may vary from semester to semester

International Studies Minor

Required: 18 semester hours above the 100 level

A. Language Requirements, 6 sem hrs

One year beyond the Intermediate level of
a modern foreign language.

B. Core courses, 6 sem hrs

INS 233A or 233B
INS 400A or 400B

C. Additional courses, 6 sem hrs

To be selected from the same categories listed above under Major Requirements, with no more than one course from any one category.


International Studies Courses (INS)

For Undergraduates

233A, 233B International Studies Seminar (3:3).


  • Required for majors.

Interdisciplinary seminar designed to introduce students to substantive concerns of International Studies and the methods of investigation employed in it. An effort is made to increase student awareness of global problems through library research, interviews, and field trips.

333 Selected Topics: International Studies (3:3).

  • Required for majors.

An advanced level course usually offered once a year concentrating on specific topics of international concern. The content of this course may grow out of materials explored initially in INS 233. The faculty welcomes and encourages student suggestions in planning INS 333.

400A, 400B Seminar in International Studies (3:3), (3:3).

Pr. International Studies program majors or permission of instructor required.

  • Required for all majors in International Studies Program.
  • Maximum credit 6 hours.

Interdisciplinary seminar dealing with contemporary problems in international affairs. 400a in junior year; 400b in senior year.


Contact: University Registrar's Office
Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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