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Women's Studies Program (WMS)

College of Arts & Sciences

200 Foust Building
(336) 334-5673

Women's Studies Courses | Women's Studies Degree Requirements | Women's Studies Minor


Coordinating Council Members

Jacquelyn W. White, Director, Women's Studies Program, Department of Psychology

Hephzibah Roskelly, Associate Director, Women's Studies Program, Department of English

Bonnie T. Yarbrough, Associate Director, Women's Studies Program, Department of Business Administration

Kenneth L. Caneva, Department of History

Patricia Chamings, School of Nursing

Nan Enstad, Department of History

Kathleen Forbes, Director of Liberal Studies Program, Division of Continual Learning

Mary Ellis Gibson, Department of English

Diane L. Gill, Department of Exercise and Sport Science

Eileen Jackson, Department of Public Health Education

Karen Katula, Department of Biology

Karen Kilcup, Department of English

Bruce Kirchoff, Department of Biology

Martha R. McEnally, Department of Business Administration

Elizabeth J. Natalle, Department of Communication

Ben Ramsey, Department of Religious Studies

Paige Smith, Department of Public Health Education

Faculty members affiliated with the Women's Studies Program are housed in departments throughout the College of Arts and Sciences and the Schools. Interested students should contact the program director, Jacquelyn White.

Women's Studies Major
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level
AOS Code: U870

College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Education Requirements (CLER) (54-55 hours)

All students must meet the All-University Liberal Education Requirements (AULER). The College of Arts and Sciences, however, has established liberal education requirements for its programs which, while including those of AULER, contain additional requirements in several categories. Therefore, students following this program should adhere to the College requirements. Please note that students who satisfy the College Liberal Education Requirements (CLER) will also satisfy the All-University Liberal Education Requirements (AULER). See a complete description of the College area requirements and courses meeting those requirements.

Major Requirements

Minimum 30 hours above the 100-level.

Core Content (18 hours)

The following courses are required of all majors:
WMS 250, 333, 350; HIS 328 or 329; ENG 331; one Social & Behavioral Science course chosen from the following: HDF 407, 502, PSY 346, SOC 329

Additional Electives (12-18 hours)

Students choose 12-18 additional hours from among the following courses (if not taken to fulfill core requirements):

BCT 306; CST 559; ENG 332, 531; ESS 532; HDF 407, 502; HEA 260, HEA 333/NUR 330; HIS 304, 359, 328, 329; PSC 335, 336; PSY 346; REL 309, 310; SOC 354/MGT 354, SOC 329; WMS 400*, 450.

*Only two Independent Studies equivalent to six credit hours may be taken toward the Women's Studies major.

Women's Studies Minor

Required: minimum of 18 semester hours

WMS 250 and 350 are required courses for the minor.

Students take four additional courses distributed across the following categories, so that no more than two courses are taken within any one category. (Substitute courses are permitted with consent of the Director.)

Category A. Social and Behavioral Science Courses:
HDF 407, 502; PSC 335, 336; PSY 346; SOC 329, 354
Category B. Humanities Courses:
BCT 306; CST 559; ENG 331, 332, 531; HIS 304, 328, 329, 359; REL 309, 310; WMS 333
Category C. Professional Courses:
ESS 532; HEA 260; MGT 354; NUR 330/HEA 333

Women's Studies Courses (WMS)

For Undergraduates

250 An Introduction to Women's Studies: The American Woman (3:3).

A multidisciplinary introduction to the study of images, roles and status of women in American history and culture. Special attention will be paid to the development of sex roles and the social mythology which surrounds them.

333 Women in Non-Western Cultures (3:3).


Explores problems and opportunities for women in non-western cultures, effects of the rapid process of social change, and the oppressive and liberating forces in women's lives.

350 Introduction to Feminist Theories (3:3).


Explores and evaluates feminist theories in a socio-historical context. Raises questions about their implications for different methods of inquiry and about the nature of knowledge and rational thought.

400 Independent Study (1 to 3).

Pr. consent of sponsoring instructor.

  • May be repeated once for credit.

Intensive independent study of specialized topics.

450 Topics, Seminar in Women's Studies (3:3).

  • May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

An in-depth study of a selected topic or topics in Women's Studies involving directed reading and research. Category credit varies.

493 Honors Work (3-6).

Pr. see prerequisites under Honors Program, XXX 493.

  • May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes.


Please refer to The Graduate School Bulletin for additional graduate level courses.


Contact: University Registrar's Office
Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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