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Asterisks indicate students who completed degree requirements in August, 1999

Doctoral | Specialist in Education | Masters

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy

Kelly Mitchell Anderson, Concord
Curriculum and Teaching
Examining Principals' Special Education Knowledge and the Inclusiveness of Their Schools
B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Drake University
Committee Chair - Gerald Ponder

*Susan Christine Baird, Waco, TX
Interpersonal Dependency and Self-presentation Strategies
B.A., Trinity University
M.A., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Rosemery Nelson-Gray

Margaret Theresa Crane Bizzaro, Greenville
The Romantic Genesis of Expressivism: A Cultural Study
B.A., M.A., East Carolina University
Committee Chair - Hephzibah Roskelly

*Sean Montgomery Butler, Greensboro
New Languages, New Lives: A Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments Advocating Second Language Learning
B.A., Washington and Lee University
M.A., The College of William & Mary
Committee Chair - Hephzibah Roskelly

*Diana Kaye Campbell, Greensboro
"Mutual Answerability": Aesthetics, Ethics, Transgredients from Mikhail Bakhtin to Lee Smith to Leslie Marmon Silko
B.A., University of South Carolina
M.A., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Keith Cushman

Nancy A. Cerezo, Summerfield
Curriculum and Teaching
Problem-based Learning in the Middle School: Perceptions of At-risk Females and Their Teachers
B.A.Ed., University of Florida
M.S., North Carolina A&T State University
Committee Chair - David Strahan

Stanley D. Clark, Sophia
Curriculum and Teaching
Second Language Acquisition and Non-Traditional Students: A Case Study of Strategies and Achievement
B.A., Th.B., God's Bible School and College
M.R.E., Nazarene Theological Seminary
M.Ed., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Co-Chair - Janis Antonek
Committee Co-Chair- Bert Goldman

Julie Ann Daumit, New York, NY
Peer Feedback and Social Information Processing during Dyadic Interactions with Aggressive-rejected or
Withdrawn-rejected and Average Status Children
B.A., Duke University
M.A., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Susan P. Keane

Keith Martin Davis, Southmont
Counseling and Counselor Education
An Analysis of Counseling Work Behaviors by School Counselors
B.A., UNC-Wilmington
M.Ed., M.S., Ed.S., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - James M. Benshoff

*Susan Lynn Foster, Winston Salem
Elevated Iron Status Increases Efficiency of Salmonella enteritidis Invasion and Alters Cytokine/Chemokine mRNA Expression by the Caco-2 Human Intestinal Cell Line
B.A., M.A., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Mark L. Failla

*Charles Jeffrey Frame, Murray, KY
Use of the Stage of Change Model to Assess Nutritional Behaviors of Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients
B.S., Purdue University
M.S., Kansas State University
Committee Co-Chair - Claudia G. Green
Committee Co-Chair - Martha L. Taylor

*Kimberly Diane Franklin, Nebo
Emotion Recognition Skills in Adolescent Sex Offenders
B.A., Purdue University
M.A., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - David L. Rabiner

*Dean Avon Garrett, Greensboro
Development of an In Vitro Model for Screening the Bioavailability of Carotenoids from Meals
B.H.S., M.S., University of Kentucky
Committee Chair - Mark L. Failla

*Katherine Howard Glenn, Greensboro
Counseling and Counselor Education
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselors: The Diagnosis of Substance-Related Disorders, Dual Diagnosis, and the Multidisciplinary Approach
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
M.Ed., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - J. Scott Hinkle

*Richard Jackson Hartsell, Albemarle
Curriculum and Teaching
Just As We Are: Education, Experience, and William Pinar 's Poor Curriculum
B.A., Appalachian State University
M.A., UNC-Charlotte
Committee Chair - David E. Purpel

Shirley Baker Huffman, Hickory
Counseling and Counselor Education
Midlife African American Women's Attitudes toward Menopause and the Relationship between Attitudes and Menopausal Symptom Reporting
B.S., Lenoir-Rhyne College
M.A., Appalachian State University
Committee Chair - Jane E. Myers

*Steven Ken Huprich, Waco, TX
Depressive Personality Disorder: Empirical Validity and Object Loss
B.A., Taylor University
M.A., University of Dayton
Committee Chair - Rosemery Nelson-Gray

*Victoria Page Jaus, Charlotte
Curriculum and Teaching
Using the INTASC Standards to Understand and Analyze the Performance Problems of Student Teachers
A.B., Wesleyan College
M.S.Ed., Ed.S., Indiana University
Committee Chair - David Strahan

Jayne M. Jenkins, Laramie, WY
Exercise and Sport Science
Peer Coaching in Physical Education Methods of Teaching Course: Knowledge Development and Perceptions
B.S., Mankato State College
M.S., University of Wyoming
Committee Chair - Mary Lou Veal

*Thakur B. Karkee, Greensboro
Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation
An Investigation of IRT-adjusted Grade Point Average in the Prediction of College Performance:
Applications to Gender and Race Bias
B.Sc., M.Sc., Tribhuvan University
M.S., Universiti Pertanian Malaysia
Committee Chair - Lloyd Bond

Lisha Werba Kievit, Greensboro
Coping With Rape: The Relationship Between Context, Resources, and Outcome
B.A., B.A., University of Maryland, College Park
M.A., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Co-Chair - Rosemery Nelson-Gray
Committee Co-Chair - Jacquelyn White

Yolanda Renee Lea-Currie, Burlington
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Metabolism and its Role in Preadipocyte Growth and Differentiation
B.S., UNC-Charlotte
Committee Chair - Michael McIntosh

*Jane Miller Leatherman, Summerfield
Curriculum and Teaching
A Comparison of Inservice and Preservice Teachers' Attitudes Towad Inclusion
B.S.H.E., M.Ed., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Judith A. Niemeyer

Janeen Carole Manuel, Winston Salem
Human Development and Family Studies
Risk and Resistance Factors in the Adaptation of Mothers of Children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
B.S., Barry University
M.S., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - B. Kay Pasley

*Sarah Faye McDuffie Swannanoa
Curriculum and Teaching
Instructional Practices in Chemistry Classrooms Across North Carolina: An Investigation of Inquiry-Oriented Instruction
B.S., Elon College
M.A., Appalachian State University
Ed.S., Western Carolina University
Committee Chair - Catherine E. Matthews

*Robert Lyall Milde, Gibsonville
The Harp and the Sword: Rhetorical Depictions of Haiti in Early Twentieth Century U.S. Literature
B.A., Carleton College
Committee Chair - SallyAnn H. Ferguson

*Shari Coleman Moxley, Lillington
Human Development and Family Studies
An Examination of the Factors Contributing to Associational Solidarity among Relocated Adults and Their Siblings
B.S.H.E., M.S.H.E., University of Arkansas
Committee Chair - Vira R. Kivett

William Greg Myers Kolonia, Pohnpei
Federated States of Micronesia
Curriculum and Teaching
Adaptation Strategies of Cross-cultural Teachers
B.A., North Carolina State University
M.A., Ball State University
Committee Chair - David Strahan

Deborah Wilson Newsome, Winston Salem
Counseling and Counselor Education
Parental and School Influences on Adolescent Academic Achievement
B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University
M.A.Ed., Wake Forest University
Committee Chair - Nicholas A. Vacc

Tracy Carol Rock, Asheville
Curriculum and Teaching
Case Studies of Preservice Teacher and Inservice Teacher Participant Pairs Engaging in Collaborative Action Research: Patterns and Effects
B.A., UNC-Charlotte
M.A.L.S., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Barbara B. Levin

*Christine Lee Rogers, Clayton
Music Education
The Effects of Two Instructional Methods on Two Piano Improvisation Skills Exhibited While Performing Hymn Accompaniments by Beginning Adult Piano Improvisers
A.B., Pfeiffer College
M.M., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - James W. Sherbon

*Tammy Annette Schilling, Slaton, TX
Exercise and Sport Science
An Investigation of Commitment Among Participants in an Extended Day Physical Activity Program
B.S., Texas A & M University
M.S., Texas Tech University
Committee Co-Chair - Diane L. Gill
Committee Co-Chair - Thomas J. Martinek

*Paul L. Schvaneveldt, Logan, UT
Human Development and Family Studies
The Influence of Parental Behaviors During Early Adolescence on Post-Secondary Education Attainment as Mediated by Academic Achievement, Peers, and Substance Use
B.A., M.S., Utah State University
Committee Co-Chair - Jennifer L. Kerpelman
Committee Co-Chair - B. Kay Pasley

*Julianne Marie Smith, Lawrence, KS
Connections Between Children's Perceived Mother-Child Difficulties and Peer Relationship Problems: Differences in the Mediation of Children's Conflict Strategies by Gender
B.A., The University of Texas at Austin
M.A., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Susan P. Keane

Tracy Wilson Smith, Lenoir
Curriculum and Teaching
Toward a Prototype of Expertise in Teaching: A Descriptive Case Study
A.B., UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A., Appalachian State University
Committee Co-Chair - Brenda Cox
Committee Co-Chair - David Strahan

*Jo Ann Springs, Charlotte
Human Development and Family Studies
Ethnic-Cultural Influences on Question-Asking Behaviors of African-American and European-American Teachers
B.A., North Carolina College at Durham
M.H.D.L., UNC-Charlotte
Committee Chair - Garrett W. Lange

*Jon Guttorm Toverud, Kolsas, Norway
Counseling and Counselor Education
The Theory of Planned Behavior as a Predictor of EAP Supervisory Referrals
B.A., Denison University
M.A., Appalachian State University
Committee Chair - Jane E. Myers

*Sheila Marie Whitley, Greensboro
Curriculum and Teaching
A Comparative Study of the Persistence Rate of First-Generation College Students and Other Undergraduates
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A., Appalachian State University
Committee Chair - Sandra M. Powers

*Priscilla Gentry Wood, Durham
Curriculum and Teaching
An In-Depth Inquiry into the Language and Teaching Anxieties Experienced by Preservice Foreign Language Teachers
B.A., Wake Forest University
M.Ed., Salem College
Committee Co-Chair - Janis L. Antonek
Committee Co-Chair - D. Michelle Irwin

*Jami Loraine Woods, Danbury
Curriculum and Teaching
A Case Study of the Freshman Learning Community and Student Participants' Academic and Social Development
at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A., Appalachian State University
Committee Chair - Gerald Ponder

Doctor of Education

Dennis A. Johnson, Indian Trail
Exercise and Sport Science
Grants-personship: Funding Community-based Physical Activity Programs for Underserved At-risk Youth
B.A., M.S., Marshall University
Committee Chair - Thomas J. Martinek

Arthur Gordon Paschal, Troy
Educational Leadership
An Investigation Into the Primacy of Instructional Leadership Among Selected High School Principals in North Carolina
B.A., UNC-Wilmington
M.A.Ed., East Carolina University
Committee Co-Chair - Dale L. Brubaker
Committee Co-Chair - Ronald Williamson

Doctor of Musical Arts

*Sherri Marcia Damon, Valley City, ND
The Trombone in the Shout Band of the United House of Prayer for All People
B.M., The Cleveland Institute of Music & Case Western Reserve University
M.M., UNC-Greensboro
Committee Chair - Randy B. Kohlenberg

*Lisa B. Kinzer, Farmville, VA
Performance Practices in Brahms's Klavierstücke, Op. 118: A Survey of Recordings from 1903-1997
B.M., North Carolina School of the Arts
M.M., Louisiana State University and A & M College
Committee Co-Chair - John Salmon
Committee Co-Chair - Andrew Willis

John Edward Simons, Talbott, TN
Euell Porter, Profile of a Choral Musician: An Analysis of His Musical Philosophies, Techniques, and Leadership Style
B.M.E., M.M., Baylor University
Committee Chair - Richard G. Cox

Susan Nichols Thomson, Statesboro, GA
The Solo Piano Music of Lukas Foss
B.M., The Eastman School of Music
M.M., Florida State University
Committee Chair - John Salmon

Advanced Degrees

Specialist in Education

  • Lynn T. Beattie, Moore
  • Lorrie Robin Koslow, Greensboro
  • *Robin Ring Lea, Carthage
  • *Heather Jean Mask, Hillsborough

Graduate Degree Candidates

Master's Degrees

Asterisks indicate students who completed degree requirements in August, 1999

College of Arts & Sciences

Master of Arts

  • Jennifer Elaine Beigle, Chesapeake, VA
  • *Andrea L. Boyd, Durham
  • Stephen Brandon, Winston Salem
  • Carolina P. Clancy, Greensboro
  • *Tami Renae Collingwood, Canonsburg, PA
  • Toni Berg Cowan, Greensboro
  • Christine Salkin Davis, Kernersville
  • Carolyn Meredith Foshee, Valdese
  • Margaret Wilson Gillikin, Asheboro
  • William Scott Holloway, Climax
  • Stephen K. Johnson, Greensboro
  • *Hayden Odell Kepley, III, Greensboro
  • Debra Diane Kilby, Cornelius
  • *Erika Elizabeth Klinger, Greensboro
  • Elizabeth Brooks Leverton, Winston Salem
  • Ann Brooke Lewis, Greensboro
  • Amy Elizabeth Lyndon, Greensboro
  • Sharon K. Maney, Pleasant Garden
  • Douglas Scott Middlesteadt, Greensboro
  • Elizabeth Anne Newsome, Winston Salem
  • Michael Anthony Paquette, Brown Summit
  • Emily Anne Peoples, Greensboro
  • Kristin Kay Pike, Greensboro
  • *Catherine Hargett Pritchett, Richlands
  • Stephanie Diane Shaffer, Greensboro
  • Mary Ann Simpson, Greensboro
  • Jason Lee Sullivan, Greensboro
  • Janice Marie Vogel, Greensboro
  • James F. Vogl, Greensboro
  • Angelique Marie Wheelock, Greensboro
  • Heather Michele Zerbe, Herndon, PA

Master of Education

  • *Amy Nicole Bass, Farmville
  • *Anthony Graham, Kinston
  • *Stephanie Jane Guelzow, Winston Salem
  • Thomas Ward Kitchen, III, Greensboro
  • *Richard Lewis Matkins, Burlington
  • *Jeffrey Robert Palmer, Fayetteville
  • *Matthew D. Pearson, Chapel Hill
  • *Susanne Scarborough, Raleigh
  • *Daniel Alan Seaman, Greensboro
  • *Mary Margaret Talley-Seijn, Greensboro
  • *Debra Spina Vigliano, Greensboro
  • Elizabeth Jean Wolf, Norman, OK

Master of Fine Arts

  • *Sarah Prynne Cooley, Graham
  • Hector Donald Douglas, III, Greensboro
  • *Caitlin Nicole McRae, Savannah, GA
  • Alexia D. Peebles, Garysburg

Master of Public Affairs

  • Elizabeth Daniel Vann Bowman, Winston Salem
  • *Thomas Barry Bridges, Winston Salem
  • Donald Ray Dwiggins, Winston Salem
  • *Steven M. Graves, Winston Salem
  • *Michael Robert Herzing, Pleasant Garden
  • Danielle James, Greensboro
  • *Barry Stephen Kitley, Thomasville
  • Timothy Mark Mitchell, Greensboro
  • *Terry L. Moreau, High Point
  • Susan Renee Upchurch, Durham
  • Joseph C. Wood, III, Greensboro
  • *Michelle Dawne Zechmann, High Point

Master of Science

  • Jeffrey Bowermaster, Greensboro
  • *Tricia Hargett Dean, Greensboro
  • *Rong-Fang Gu, North Quincy, MA
  • Julia Loreth, Asheboro
  • *Diti Sangal, Burlington
  • *Kelie Heather Williams, Greensboro
  • *Leigh Ann Williams, Greensboro
  • Rhonda Elaine Wooten, Winston Salem
  • Janet Sue Yeatts, Keeling, VA
  • Joseph M. Bryan School of Business & Economics

Master of Arts

  • John Iverson Bacon, Jr., Rural Hall
  • Jason Sean Cashwell, Greensboro
  • Nicolas Oliver Courtois, Greensboro
  • Keith Lee Davis, Marshall
  • Kevin Charles Davis, Marshall
  • Christopher Paul Dooley, Prospect Hill
  • Changwon Park, Greensboro
  • *Edward Alford Ramsey, Stamford, CT
  • Master of Business Administration
  • *Michael Edwin Albright, Greensboro
  • Laurie Lynn Appel, Asheboro
  • Julia McRae Bristow, Asheboro
  • Dennis Christopher Brumbalow, High Point
  • *Christopher David Carter, Winston Salem
  • Tammy Hutchins Chandler, Colfax
  • *Danielle M. Conte, Greensboro
  • Pornladda Dathratwibul, Greensboro
  • Debra J. Edwards, Greensboro
  • *Rene A. Esler, Greensboro
  • John Joseph Foy, Greensboro
  • Douglas N. Fulton, Greensboro
  • Roger Franklin Gann, Asheboro
  • Joseph Daniel Gneiser, Greensboro
  • Jeffrie George Groce, Kernersville
  • James Leon Guzzio, Charlotte
  • Paul Burgess Harris, Florence, SC
  • Mark W. Hartman, Greensboro
  • Norman Dwight Hash, Greensboro
  • Kristen Baldwin Hill, Winston Salem
  • Sonja M. Hughes, Oakridge
  • Douglas A. Key, Greensboro
  • Elfrida Mensah Kosie-Williams, Greensboro
  • Pimolphan Matitanaviroon, Bangkok, Thailand
  • *Jay Roger McIntosh, Greensboro
  • Shawn Maurice Meredith, Kernersville
  • Kamalas Pattanapaisarn, Greensboro
  • Gregory Shawn Peele, Greensboro
  • Danyang Peng, Greensboro
  • Michael Joseph Pigliacelli, Kernersville
  • *Kimberly D. Pike, Greensboro
  • Andrew Alexander James Robb, Greensboro
  • Larissa Renee Rolland, Greensboro
  • Cathy S. Rosenberg, Winston Salem
  • Boris P. Rusafov, Seattle, WA
  • Stephanie Mara Schaefer, Greensboro
  • *Andreas Schmieg, Bad Friedrichshall, Germany
  • Chad Christopher Secraw, High Point
  • James Martin Shaw, III, Greensboro
  • *Jason Lee Warner, Greensboro
  • *Barclay Adam Williams, Greensboro
  • *Rodney Ray Windsor, Rural Hall
  • *Andrew Nicholas Yankanich, Winston Salem

Master of Science in Business Education

  • Jane Marie Arrington, Greensboro
  • *Terri Martin Edwards, Eden
  • Kelly Streetman Mavropoulos, Concord
  • Tonia A. Reaves, Greensboro
  • Samantha Marie Smiley, Advance
  • Pamela A. Smith, Burlington
  • *Tarus Watts Woelk, McLeansville

Master of Science

  • *James Lowry Albright, Greensboro
  • Joanna S. Brewer, Greensboro
  • Kelly Hasick Burns, Haw River
  • *Stephanie Lee Conger, Winston Salem
  • Jennifer Lee Dauphinais, Winston Salem
  • *Dwayne Leland Eanes, Greensboro
  • Brenda Shanks Fowler, Elon College
  • Lori A. Fuqua, Burlington
  • Kristi Alecia Gallimore, Lexington
  • *Edward Daniel Hockenberry, Clemmons
  • *Debra Marks Huffines, Haw River
  • *Melissa Mims Ingold, Greensboro
  • Lanlan Li, Liuxia, Hangzhou, China
  • *Lisa B. Matejka, Kernersville
  • *Robert Todd Mitchell, Greensboro
  • Thomas Scott Nix, Greensboro
  • *Gary Allen Shann, Greensboro
  • *Laurie Ellen Shelton, Greensboro
  • *Nicholas L. Swatek, Jr., Greensboro
  • Rui-Ling Wei, Durham

School of Education

Master of Education

  • Beverly Sharon Andrews, Mt. Gilead
  • *Stephanie Walsh Arnold, Thomasville
  • Suzanne C. Arnold, Winston Salem
  • *Stephanie Ann Bair, Browns Summit
  • Angela Kristy Ballou, Greensboro
  • *Rhonda S. Batten, Bear Creek
  • *Jennifer Beth Bennett, Sanford
  • *Pamela Oldham Brady, Carthage
  • *Cynthia Moose Burney, Winston Salem
  • *Connie Marie Cagle, Asheboro
  • Richard Vance Carson, Greensboro
  • *Jody Crouthamel Cenci, Stuart, FL
  • *Elizabeth C. Chappell, Julian
  • Jeong-Il Cho, Hempstead, NY
  • Patrick John Conetta, Burlington
  • *Michele Thomas Cox, Broadway
  • *Kelly Dawn Crawford, Sanford
  • Charles Alan Crews, Raleigh
  • Wendy Kennedy Curty, Trinity
  • *Lori Rachele Dwyer, Greensboro
  • *Tammie Fowler Eddins, Moncure
  • *Amber Nichole Glance, Rutherfordton
  • Tonya J. Greene, Sanford
  • Leesa Michelle Hanson, Greensboro
  • *Patricia Lynn Head, Cameron
  • *Tanya Denise Holder, Sanford
  • Suzanne Elizabeth Horn, Jamestown
  • Jennifer Long Hornsby, Walkertown
  • *Joey Craig Hussey, Greensboro
  • Megan Winifred Jackson, Charlotte
  • *Sonja H. Kitchings, Goldston
  • Janelle Lynn Klinsing, Winston Salem
  • Cynthia V. Koury, Greensboro
  • *Allan Scott Krall, Chapel Hill
  • E. Leah Kraus, Greensboro
  • *Brandy Hanford Lambert, Graham
  • *Paula Hart Layton, Sanford
  • Leslie Kuhlthau Maniotes, Greensboro
  • *Mary Catherine McElwee, Wilkesboro
  • *Christopher Glenn Miller, Thomasville
  • *Janet Renee Murray Jamestown
  • *Lisa Marie Nance, Sanford
  • Bonita Miller Newsome, King
  • Susan Jane Noe, Kernersville
  • Eric Marshall North, Greensboro
  • *Colleen McQuillan O'Neal, High Point
  • *Joyce L. Oakley, Roxboro
  • *Adina Kidd Oldham, Bear Creek
  • Patricia Gail Patrick, Archdale
  • *Anna Christina Patterson, Sanford
  • *Wendy Wicker Phillips, Sanford
  • Gretchen Trainer Pizzino, Kernersville

Master of Education

  • Michele C. Roberts, Sanford
  • *Traci Leigh Rutledge, Germanton
  • *Teruyo Shimazu, Japan
  • Laura Dyte Shrader, Greensboro
  • *Annette Pruitt Slaughter, Roxboro
  • *Jennifer Anne Stotler, Jamestown
  • *Camille Farris Suttle, Greensboro
  • Amy Bitz Terchick, Archdale
  • *Susan T. Thomas, Broadway
  • Juanita F. Thompson, Troy
  • Tracy Russell Thompson, Winston Salem
  • Lesley Guillory Wade, Greensboro
  • *Corina Marie Wells, Sanford
  • *Michelle Lynn Wilson, Thomasville
  • *Christiane Wurth, Mebane
  • *Christine M. Young, Chapel Hill

Master of Library & Information Studies

  • Erin B. Allen, Norwood
  • Ena Maria Bentley, Greensboro
  • John Anthony Blackard, Franklinville
  • Robin Denise Bryan, Charlotte
  • Marina A. Carlton, Greensboro
  • Michael Boyd Ervin, Pineville
  • *Linda Evans, Mooresville
  • *Diana E. Fass, Charlotte
  • *Tracy Alice Fitzmaurice, Sylva
  • Brooks Bryson Glenn, Gastonia
  • Jennifer Rader Haag, Charlotte
  • Elizabeth Williams Hartness, Greensboro
  • Angela Denise Hewitt, Raleigh
  • Janet C. Hill Concord
  • *Karen Register Holub, Greensboro
  • *Jonathan W. Horstman, Cullowhee
  • Amee MeLaine Huneycutt, Albemarle
  • Katrina C. Hunter, Greensboro
  • Jonathan Charles Hutchinson, Greensboro
  • Tracy L. Inman, Greensboro
  • Sheryl Kaplan, Greensboro
  • Jennifer Ann Lyon, Greensboro
  • Kelly Ann Newell, Winston Salem
  • Julie Angela Perrier, Greensboro
  • *Charlotte Oswald Plyler, Greensboro
  • Allan Gregory Scherlen, Boone
  • Sara Ann Thompson, Southern Pines
  • Verma S. Truman-Walker, Winston Salem
  • *Judy D. White, Lawsonville
  • Charles Phillip Wiggins, Greensboro
  • H. Jmane Yeager, Reidsville

Master of School Administration

  • *Alesia T. Burnette, Burlington
  • *John Andrew Eldridge, Siler City
  • William Martin Huffstetler, Southern Pines
  • *Darian Craig Jones, Hillsborough
  • George Dean LaVere, Greensboro
  • *Jeanne Greene Snowa, Jamestown
  • S. Tristan Todd, Thomasville
  • *Michael A. Trifaro, Raleigh
  • Misti Webster Williams, Stoneville

Master of Science

  • Lynn T. Beattie, Moore
  • *Rae-Anne Caron Butera, Winston Salem
  • *Donna Michelle Hampton, Winston Salem
  • *David Connor Jones, Greensboro
  • Lorrie Robin Koslow, Greensboro
  • *Heather Jean Mask, Hillsborough
  • Leila A. Shepherd, Burlington
  • *Amy K. Sherburn, Jacksonville
  • Margaret Alina Stoltzfus, Carrboro

Master of Public Health

  • *Julia Weaver Coe, Ararat
  • *Michele Lee Hooper, Mebane

Master of Science

  • *Christopher Charles Bohlen, Greensboro
  • Yongchul Chung, Seoul, Korea
  • *James E. Fordham, III, Clemmons
  • *Anna Query Smythe, Greensboro

School of Human Environmental Sciences

Master of Education

  • Susan Beckett Cannaday, Greensboro
  • Rachael Eve Kennedy, Greensboro

Master of Science

  • Amy D. Claborn, Greensboro
  • *Jeannie Elaine King, Greensboro
  • Yuanji Pan, Greensboro
  • Michelle Lee Stevenson, Summerfield

School of Music

Master of Music

  • Tina Rowann Ballard, Kernersville
  • Eun Young Cho, Greensboro
  • Seon Young Lee, Greensboro

School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

  • James Michael Calabrese, High Point
  • Jimmy Dale Callicutt, Jr., Winston Salem
  • Teresa P. Cannaday, High Point
  • *Edith Catherine Cash, Jacksonville, FL
  • Pauline L. Desjarlais, West End
  • *Ann Pratt Hartle, Lewisville
  • Ruth Fritts Herold, Hudson
  • Glynes Poche Hyde, Winston Salem
  • Clara White Johnson, Hickory
  • Evette Rogers Law, Greensboro
  • Deborah Craven Owen, Salisbury
  • Sarah Jaynes Oxford, Granite Falls
  • *Mary Clare Kitchura Prasnikar, Cary
  • Denise Cadle Rhew, Trinity
  • *Cynthia Ingram Shores, Ramseur
  • Annette Neal Smith, Trinity
  • Barbara Aiken Walsh, Hickory

Special Academic Programs

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

  • *Lorraine Ahearn, Greensboro
  • Frederick Ray Ashley, Burlington
  • Lucille Ellen Fidler, Chapel Hill
  • Suzanne Denise Melcher, King
  • Marcia Etolia Mohney, Greensboro
  • B. Sean Ripperton, Greensboro