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May 1999 Commencement


Honorary Degrees

Maud Gatewood

Doctor of Fine Arts

Heralded as one of North Carolina's most accomplished artists, your paintings have received national acclaim for qualities that suggest straight-forwardness and honesty in depicting the human condition. They have appeared in many significant shows throughout the country, won scores of awards, and are part of several prestigious public and private collections. Among these collections is the Weatherspoon Art Gallery of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which happily provides a home for the esteemed work of this Woman's College graduate.

While striving to perfect your craft and maintain your national standing in the arts community, it is especially commendable that local public service has also remained your priority. You have actively served your local community as a Caswell County Commissioner, including past service as Chair. You have been involved in historic preservation in Caswell County, playing a major role in the restoration of the plantation home known as "Longwood." Additionally, your contributions to the North Carolina Arts Council are particularly noteworthy. Blending your artistic and leadership skills, you also provided exemplary contributions to arts education in North Carolina and elsewhere, teaching at several colleges and universities and helping to develop the creative arts degree program at UNC Charlotte.

For your uncommon artistic talents, your significant achievements as a daughter of the University, and for your dedication to the spirit of public service which your alma mater so steadfastly values, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is pleased to confer upon you the degree, Doctor of Fine Arts.

Eloise Rallings Lewis

Doctor of Humane Letters

Recognized locally, regionally, and nationally as a leader in nursing education, your list of honors and awards is both lengthy and distinguished. You established an exceptional record at prestigious medical institutions and schools of nursing before arriving at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, but it is here that your greatest achievements took place and are widely celebrated. Indeed, history has shown that UNCG and you are a perfect match.

As founding Dean of UNCG's School of Nursing, you were immediately faced with the imposing task of phasing out the institution's two-year nursing program and establishing in its place a high quality B.S.N. degree. You skillfully guided the establishment and growth of the School, constructing the solid foundation on which its present success is built. In 1976 the Board of Governors honored you with the Oliver Max Gardner Award as the UNC system faculty member who "made the greatest contribution to the welfare of the human race" that year. Since retirement from UNCG, you have continued to hold leadership positions in various public and professional service organizations. Especially noteworthy is your longstanding work with Hospice at both the local and state level, which in 1989 earned you the Peter G. Keese Award the highest honor granted by the state Hospice organization. Indeed, your remarkable record of public service led former UNC President William C. Friday to applaud your leadership and advise us that "every generation should praise and pay tribute to those among us who have made a special contribution to the betterment of society."

In recognition of your many outstanding contributions to nursing education, your uncommon achievements in public and professional service, and for your genuine exemplification of the values that this institution celebrates, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is pleased to confer upon you the degree, Doctor of Humane Letters.


May 1999 Graduate Degree Candidates


Doctor of Philosophy

Francesca Adler-Baeder, Kernersville

Human Development and Family Studies

Explaining Physical Child Abuse by Biological Mothers, Biological Fathers,
and Stepfathers

B.A., Pembroke State University

M.S., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - B. Kay Pasley


Marjorie Sharon Anderson, Winston Salem

Curriculum and Teaching

Educating for Human Dignity and Love: The Politics of Possibility

B.A., Wake Forest University

M.Ed., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - David Purpel


Jessica Jil Campbell, Rockville, MD

Human Development and Family Studies

Familial Antecedents to Children 's Relational
and Overt Aggression

B.S., State University of New York at Brockport

M.S., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - Carol MacKinnon-Lewis


Lindalyn Parkerson Carpenter, Chicago, IL


The Determinants of Parenting in Low-Income
African-American Mothers

B.A., Duke University

M.A., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - Susan P. Keane


Karen J. Charles, Statesville

Curriculum and Teaching

Changing the Attitudes and Practices of Professional Developers
Through a Constructivist Model:
The Technical Assistance Academy

B.S., The Florida State University

M.A., Texas A & I University

Committee Chair - Nancy N. Vacc


Ellyn Joan Essic, Winston Salem

Counseling and Counselor Education

The Multiple Mentor Model:
Getting the Mentors You Need: An Investigation of the Effects of
a Skill-Based Program for Women on Perceptions of
Mentor Relationships and Self-Efficacy

B.A., UNC-Greensboro

M.A.Ed., Wake Forest University

Committee Chair - L. DiAnne Borders


Capri Gabrielle Foy, Winston Salem

Exercise and Sport Science

An Examination of Social Support as a Facilitator of Exercise Adherence
among African-American Women

B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill

M.Ed., The University of Virginia

Committee Chair- Daniel Gould


Joseph Scott Glass, Asheboro

Counseling and Counselor Education

The Relationship of Participation in a Low-Element Challenge Course
to Adolescents ' Self-Reported Perceptions of Group Cohesion

B.A., North Carolina State University

M.A.Ed., East Carolina University

Committee Chair - James M. Benshoff


Barbara Trott Gorney, Salisbury

Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation

The GRE Score Report: Exploring Alternatives
for Presentation of Individual and Aggregated Scores
to Institutional Recipients

B.A., M.S., New Mexico Highlands University

Committee Chair - Richard M. Jaeger


Alice Henderson Hall, Greensboro

Human Development and Family Studies

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Quality Enhancement Accreditation
Initiative to Improve the Quality of School-Age Child Care in North Carolina

B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

M.Ed., James Madison University

Committee Chair - Deborah Cassidy


Sudhir Sadananda Hegde, Greensboro

Exercise and Sport Science

Changes in Clotting and Fibrinolytic Activity
after Sub-Maximal Exercise in Males

M.B.B.S., M.D., Bombay University, Grant Medical College

Committee Chair - Allan H. Goldfarb


Robin Baker Howse, Greensboro

Human Development and Family Studies

Motivation and Self-Regulation as Predictors of
Achievement in Economically Disadvantaged Young Children

B.S., Appalachian State University

M.A., Wake Forest University

Committee Chair - Garrett W. Lange


Davida E. Irving, Winston Salem

Curriculum and Teaching

Problematics in Educating Linguistically and
Culturally Diverse Students in our Society

B.A., Rhode Island College

M.A.Ed., Wake Forest University

Committee Chair - Svi Shapiro


Mary Caroline Johnson, Boone


The Role of Maternal Affect in Infant Emotion
Regulation and its Development

B.A., Queens College

M.A., East Carolina University

Committee Co-Chair Susan Calkins

Committee Co-Chair Susan P. Keane


Amy Lynn Lofquist, Kirkland, WA

Human Development and Family Studies

The Effects of Marital Conflict, Parenting Processes,
and Adolescent Self-Mastery on Adolescent Outcomes

B.A., Gonzaga University

M.S., Colorado State University

Committee Chair - B. Kay Pasley


Joan C. McCuen, Jamestown

Curriculum and Teaching

The Shadow Side of America: A Jungian Analysis
of Contradictory Social Issues

B.A., B.S.N., University of Florida

M.S.N., University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Committee Chair - David Purpel


Donna Cox Morrison, Greensboro

Curriculum and Teaching

An Investigation of Leadership Practices Demonstrated
by Two Women Principals Identified by Their Supervisors
as Risk Takers in One North Carolina County

B.S., Pembroke State University

M.S., North Carolina A & T State University

M.S.B.E., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Co-Chair - Dale Brubaker

Committee Co-Chair - Martha Hudson


Kathy Jordan Osbome, Asheboro

Curriculum and Teaching

A Qualitative Case Study of Female Superintendents
in North Carolina

B.A., M.H.D., UNC-Charlotte

Committee Chair - John Van Hoose


Mark Henry Rescino, Nashua, NH

Exercise and Sport Science

Effect of Timing of Upper Body Cycling Exercise in the
Recovery from Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness

B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S., University of Delaware

Committee Chair - Allan H. Goldfarb


James H. Sanders III, Winston Salem

Curriculum and Teaching

Arts-Based Education Reform Initiatives at the Millennia:
A Performance Art Reading of Narrative Research
Toward a Democratic Aesthetic

B.F.A., Arkansas State University

M.F.A., Southem Illinois University at Carbondale

Committee Chair - Svi Shapiro


Janice Williamson Smith, Greensboro

Curriculum and Teaching

Life and Education Inside a Cotton Mill Village for First-Generation
Women High School Graduates in East Laurinburg, North Carolina

B.A., Methodist College

M.A., Fayetteville State University

Ed.S., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - Kathleen Casey


Rebekah Elizabeth Smith, Greensboro


A New Conceptualization of Delayed Intention
Performance: Initiation Requires Capacity

B.S., Tulane University

M.A., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - R. Reed Hunt


Judy Jones Tisdale, Haw River


Positive Images of Capitalism in Western American Literature:
Working Women in Selected Works by Willa Cather,
Mary Hunter Austin, and Gertrude Atherton

B.A., High Point College

M.A., Appalachian State University

Committee Chair - Kelley Griffith, Jr.


Wendy Lisa Weber, Carrboro


Disrupting Socially Constructed and Religiously
Enforced Gender and Sexuality Identities: Selected Works in
Twentieth Century British and American Literature

B.S., The Florida State University

M.A., North Carolina State University

Committee Chair - Robert Langenfeld


Rhonda Jackson White, High Point

Curriculum and Teaching

"You Are Your Own Best Thing":
African American College Women Responding to
Their Lives by Way of Toni Morrison's Beloved

B.A., Bennett College

M.A., Miami University

Committee Chair - Kathleen Casey



Doctor of Education


Ann Hobbs Aust, Winston Salem

Educational Leadership

What are the Effects of a Publicly Funded Pre-Kindergarten Program
on Educationally Disadvantaged Students in Winston Salem/Forsyth County?

B.A., Wake Forest University

M.Ed., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - Dale Brubaker


Terri Ellswood Mosley, Mount Airy

Educational Leadership

Accelerating Middle Schools Into the NC ABC 's:
A Case Study of Central Middle School 's
Acceleration Project for At-Risk Students

B.A., M.S., University of Kentucky

Committee Chair - Dale Brubaker


Rodney Howard Shotwell, Lexington

Educational Leadership

Leadership Theory and Context: Black and White
Principals during Desegregation

B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill

M.S.A., UNC-Greensboro

Committee Chair - Kathleen Casey



Doctor of Musical Arts


John Dwight DeForest Colegrove Greensboro


Emory Remington (1891-1971), William Cramer (1917-1989),
and Robert Marsteller (1918-1975):
A Description of Trombone Teaching Techniques and a Discussion of
Their Influence upon Trombone Teaching Methodology

B.M., The University of Georgia

M.M., University of Notre Dame

Committee Chair - Randy B. Kohlenberg


Andrew Brian Lankford Ruston, LA


The Integration of the Trombone into the
Conjunto Ensembles of Salsa Music

B.M., UNC-Greensboro

M.M., The University of Kansas

Committee Chair - Randy B. Kohlenberg


Specialist in Education

 S. Jennifer Sault, Pfafftown