University Registrar's Office

Withdrawal/Refund Policy
for Students Called to Active Duty During Term
(Military Call-up Policy)

Students who serve in the Armed Services Reserve or the National Guard are often alerted that they may be called to active duty for various reasons. If any student is voluntarily or involuntarily called for active military duty during a term in which s/he is enrolled, the eligible student may elect one of the following options:

  1. Complete Withdrawal Option (without academic penalty)
    1. Tuition and general fees will be fully refundable.
    2. Health fees generally will be fully refundable except for students who have used the University's health services. These students would be billed at the fee for service rate to a maximum charge equivalent to the health fee. Students who have enrolled in the Student Health Insurance program should contact the Agent for information on a pro-rated refund of premium.
    3. Room and board will be refunded based on the number of weeks the room was occupied and the meals consumed.
    4. The student will be responsible for any miscellaneous charges such as library fines, parking tickets, health service charges, etc.
    5. In order to be eligible for a refund under these guidelines, the student must contact the University Registrar's Office and provide the following:
      • a copy of his or her call-up papers; these "orders" will serve as documentation for the refund of tuition and fees
      • a mailing address to which the student would like the refund to be sent
      The University Registrar's Office will notify appropriate offices of the student's withdrawal including Student Academic Services, The Graduate School, Financial Aid Office, Housing and Residence Life, and the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.
    6. In order for students living in University housing to receive a refund from the Department of Housing and Residence Life, they must return their room keys to the appropriate office.
    7. If a student is receiving financial aid during the term in which s/he is called to active duty, financial aid must be repaid according to federal and state guidelines before a refund will be issued by the University.
  2. Early Exam Option

    Eligible students who are required to report for military duty not earlier than four calendar weeks prior to the date a semester ends as stated in the official catalog of the University, or after completion of at least 75% of the enrollment period in a non-standard semester may, when authorized by the instructor, take their final exam early and be given full credit for all courses for which they have an average of C or better. Students are not eligible for refunds for courses for which they receive credit.
  3. Incomplete Grade Option

    Take an incomplete in a course and complete it upon release from active duty. Course completion may be accomplished by independent study or by retaking the course without payment of tuition and fees. Under federal financial aid policies, a course that is retaken this way may not be counted toward a student's enrollment load. Eligible students who receive an incomplete for any course for which they are enrolled shall not be entitled to any refund of tuition or fees paid.
  4. Returning to the University
    1. If a student is called for active duty and subsequently released in a manner that would allow them to re-enroll during the semester in which they withdraw, the University will make every effort to accommodate the request. Individual contacts with faculty involved will determine appropriateness of returning to a course.
    2. Students who are called to active duty during a semester, and who withdraw from the University, are technically ineligible to participate in early registration for the term in which they wish to re-enroll. However, UNCG will make every effort to give these students special dispensation and to allow them to pre-register for that term.

Please Note: This Military Call-up Web page was updated 10/10/2001 to reflect new withdrawal options.