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Additional Requirements for the School of Music, Theatre and Dance

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Dance majors

Admission is by application and audition only.

Drama Majors

Transfer students should note that programs in the Department of Theatre are concerned with the maturation and sequential training of the young artist/educator. Thus enrollment for six semesters (three years) is required even when study is begun in the junior year.

Music majors

For students with a two year associate's degree entering UNCG wishing to major in music, all credits will initially be entered as GEC or Elective. Most students with associate's degrees are able to complete all music requirements in six or seven semesters at UNCG.

All prospective music majors and minors must audition for members of the music faculty for acceptance into the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Such auditions should be arranged in advance through the School. See for more information.

Transfer students should plan to audition during the year preceding enrollment at UNCG. If scheduling conflicts do not permit a personal audition on one of the regularly scheduled audition dates, you should contact the School by telephone (336/334-5789) or by letter to arrange another time. Recorded auditions are acceptable only if distance prohibits a personal audition.

Transfer students must follow the requirements for their major that are in effect during the semester of their initial registration at UNCG.

Music Education majors

Must have a 2.50 GPA for admission into the Teachers Academy.