Jeff Richey

Jeff Richey

Current Occupation: Tenured Professor

"Thanks to the preparation that I received from my mentors in Religious Studies at UNCG, I was able to win admission to graduate programs..."

Kristen deFur

Angela Chavis '13

Current Occupation: Student

"I have always been interested in world religions and how they relate to diverse populations of people. Essentially, our world is evolving..."

Mallory McComas

Christopher McKee '92

Current Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Law

"I would find it difficult to separate out what I learned in Religious Studies from nearly everything I have done in my career or life since leaving..."

Tonisha Lashley

Kirsten deFur '01

Current Occupation: Director of Peer Education

"I have always been encouraged to learn about the variety of beliefs in the world and how people experience religion and spirituality.."

Faculty Bookshelf

Aquinas and the Supreme Court Liturgical Subjects: Christian Ritual, Biblical Narrative, and the Formation of the Self in Byzantium
by Derek Krueger

"A thrilling tour of Byzantine culture through wholly unexpected routes. With beautifully crafted prose, Krueger presents a trajectory lucidly drawn, filled with arresting insight and searing, poignant imagery; yet the account is concrete and concise, moving deftly through its chapters with impressive economy and formidable command of a wide array of textual and material evidence." — Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Brown University

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“Jesus’ Parables as Jewish Stories” - A Levinson Lecture by Dr. Amy-Jill Levine. CANCELLED - will be rescheduled.

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