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Academic Life

Being a part of our Residential College is like going to a small college but with immediate and complete access to the diverse facilities, programs, and departments of a larger university.


Ashby Residential College offers its students common academic experiences in the form of interdisciplinary Core courses. These courses, based in the liberal arts, begin conversations in the classroom that branch out into the out-of-class lives of students living together and faculty participating beyond the in-class time periods. Students take Core courses for three out of the four semesters of the program. The courses fulfill various General Education Curriculum requirements, and each semester share some common theme. In addition, the individual courses meet regularly as a combined group for each semester's Core Lecture Series, in which guest speakers from the University and wider community present on various topics connected to that semester's Core theme.

Faculty offer additional courses outside of Core in a wide variety of disciplines, including the sciences, mathematics, music and drama appreciation, personal health, composition, literature, and media studies.


In Fall 2011, the Ashby Residential College began expanding its curriculum to offer juniors and seniors courses in Peace and Global Studies. Called "Pax," the Latin word for peace, the expanded curriculum incorporates peace and global perspectives as an approach to your individual major. These new courses will continue to expand in the coming semesters to offer UNCG students clustered classes that provide an interdisciplinary approach to their academic paths. Pax offers diverse classes that explore their subjects on a global scale, with the idea of peace as a working method and goal.

Pax is not a major, but an approach to your major, a way of organizing a perspective toward your curriculum that helps prepare you to be a global citizen in a global society and economy.

Pax can facilitate
  • Service projects as Independent Studies through your department
  • Internships with various groups, organizations, and businesses
  • Advising and support from dedicated faculty and staff
  • Undergraduate research opportunities

For more information, visit the Pax website (Coming Soon).


Ashby Residential College has several student-organized, student-run programming committees. Each resident is required to join at least two of these committees and participate in creating academically and socially enriching events for residents and students in the wider University. The Programming Committees offer important leadership opportunities for residents. Each committee has a chair elected by their peers, and there are additional opportunities through Hall Council. Below are descriptions of our current programming committees.


A committee in which we appreciate, critique, make, and bring art into the lives of our fellow Fousters. With activities including trips to UNCG's Weatherspoon Art Museum and the downtown art scene, Be A Little Kid Day, and decorating for various ARC events, committee members learn to love, talk, and share art.


A committee whose job is to review, approve, and/or make appropriate adjustments to the budget requests that are submitted for Hall events. The money we approve or deny is from the student dues that are paid each year. Budget members learn long-range planning, smart spending, and help balance the needs of all the committees.


The main focus of this committee is to teach those within the committee how to sing choral music and to put on performances for the Hall. We also invite instrumentalists to accompany us based on desire and commitment. We perform around holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, the December holidays, and Valentine's Day. We also perform at the Coffee house among other talented ARC students, as well as the ARC graduation.


This committee runs events in the hall where we make delicious food for the people that attend (as well as ourselves). We also help with the food preparation for the events that the other committees plan.


Every residence hall has a council made up of hall leaders. Ashby's is special, because beyond the president, vice-president, and secretary, the chairs of each committee, plus floor representatives and at-large members contribute to discussion and planning of hall events, programming, and governance.


This committee promotes film and media by showing various films to the dorm via our Movie of the Month and Film Series, and also by creating its own films. We put on various events such as the 48 Hour Film Competition, where teams are given a theme and have two days to make the best film they can. So, whether you like writing scripts, directing, filming, editing, or you're just a film snob, Film Committee is perfect for you!


This committee strives to promote the benefits of caring for and propagating plants, in addition to encouraging the Foust Community to be responsible stewards of the environment. Garden Committee aims to maintain and beautify the Mary Foust grounds, compost, recycle, address environmental issues, and advance a community-wide appreciation for gardening.

Human Relations

The Human Relations committee promotes human diversity by introducing you to a variety of different cultures, religions, beliefs etc. through various activities such as working with different cultural organizations on campus. We host events such as Haunted House to raise money for various charitable organizations, Diversity Dinner, a Week of Diversity, and more. If you enjoy learning about other cultures, opinions or religions and if you enjoy having a lot of fun, this is the committee for you!!!

Literature Magazine

This committee seeks original works from Residential College members and other aspiring artists across the campus, choose entries, and produces a literary magazine. Throughout the course of the year, works will be collected and published on a Literary blog and at the end of the year assembled and printed as a hard copy. This committee will also hold various events such as Open Mic Night to encourage members of the Residential College to share their works and talents with the community. The magazine adds to UNCG's Coraddi magazine possibilities for student publication.


Remember that application you submitted to the program? That went through the Membership Committee. As a peer review of the applications that come through Mary Foust, students that are a part of Membership review applications in the spring, discuss them, and determine whether the applicant would flourish in our program. We also represent ARC at University events such as Destination UNCG and Explore UNCG for incoming freshmen throughout the year. Membership is a great way to spread your new love for ARC to the students who will make up the program for the following year!

Music Appreciation Committee

The Music Appreciation Committee, or MAC, initiates various music-related activities. MAC hosts gatherings for people to share their favorite artists, brings guest speakers to lecture on music history and genres, puts on listening parties and acoustic concerts, and gathers groups to attend local concerts in Greensboro. MAC works to develop residents appreciation for and knowledge of the local music community, and seeks to learn and appreciate music of all genres and time periods.

Parlor Theatre

This committee invites all theatre and comedy fans to partake in theatre related activities including our annual Rocky Horror Picture Show performance, Saturday Night Live, and fun meetings with improv games and mini performances. If you enjoy theatre and having a good time, check out Parlor Theatre!


Do you like helping folks out? Then you will love Service Committee! It's in our name to serve others and help make a difference where we can. We find projects that uel our passions to help others. We learn about different problems that need our attention, and then do engaging fundraisers to help the cause. If you like helping others then we want you!

Social & Spirit

Being a member of Social Committee is a way for incoming freshmen to contribute to some of the integral parts of Mary Foust. From our Thanksgiving Dinner where our committee brings all of the staples to the teachers and students of Ashby Residential College, as well as it's alumni, to our end of the year Semi-formal, we have taken over some of the larger social events of this program! Holiday parties throughout the semester, with anti-valentine's day dances and Mardi-Gras Party Gras, have also become our tradition. This committee is also for anyone who loves to make other people's day just a little brighter. Whether it's giving congratulations, happy birthdays, pick me ups, good lucks, or just a smile, Social & Spirit Committee is here to help encourage and inspire each other and our fellow Fousters with a few cards and a little glitter along the way.


A committee that promotes and encourages students to participate in all athletic activities with an emphasis on team sports. Based on the interest in each sport, we shall attempt to assemble a ARC community teams in campus intramural competitions, or just within the residence hall. We lead trips to the gym on a weekly basis, and hold workout sessions in the dorm. During second semester, we hold our main event, the RC Olympics. We help create a community of healthy, active students stay fit together.

Upper Class Mentors

This committee is made up of juniors and seniors who have completed the Residential College program. These students apply to return for an additional term to mentor freshmen and sophomores who are currently enrolled in the program. They also assist the student committees and council.


Every year the Yearbook Committee has members that attend all the major events and happenings in the community, such as Valle Crucis, FoustStock, etc . The members that attend these events take photos and videos of these events throughout the year. The footage is then edited into different sections that make the final project (video and paper yearbook) that the committee works on throughout the year. At the end of the year Yearbook holds a showing where the video yearbook is shown in the parlor.



Page updated: 05-Jan-2009

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