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ALUMNI - 1970's
  • Nancy Cahan ('70) can be reached at ncahan@comcast.net Updated August 2007 
  • John Diggs ('70) is now a Software Configuration Manager at Boeing in St. Louis.  Moved around the country a bit.  Before St. Louis, I spent 19 years in the suburbs of Seattle, WA and two years in San Jose, CA.  I married in '91 to Barbara Reeves of Boise, Id. and now have 3 children.  I can be contacted at jcdiggs2003@yahoo.com.  Looking forward to the next reunion.  Updated March 2008
  • Mitch Lyman ('75) After RC Mitch dropped out of college, cooked for a few years, served in the Navy for 7 years, earned an electrical engineering degree and is now works in IT for a company in RTP, NC. He has been married to Wendy for 17 years and has 3 beautiful children: Joshua (13), CJ (11), and Jenna (10).  Mitch is a backyard beekeeper and a part time bible teacher.  Updated November 2010
  • Louis Abramovitz (’76) is an adjunct instructor in marketing at Saint Leo University’s Hampton Roads campus.  Wife Lynda works for a local law firm. They live the tough life on a golf course about 15 minutes from the beach.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Tom Kerr ('72) lives in Asheville, NC where he has been a freelance writer for the past 10 years.  Email: tommykerr@earthlink.net Updated January 2010
  • Terrie Dewey Preslar ('72) received her AB in education and social studies concentration from Pfeiffer College.  She taught public school in Rowan County, NC, for 17 1/2 years as well as part time at a private school in Salisbury thereafter.  She is now a housewife.  Updated July 2007
  • Margarita Azmitia (‘75) teaches at the University of California at Santa Cruz in the developmental psychology program and has been tenured.  She recently hosted a get-together celebrating the 40th birthdays of Ellen Cummings, Cindy Berlin, Betsy Lane, and Liza Sprinkle.  She eagerly awaits their revenge. Azmitia@cats.ucsc.edu  We forgot to date early entries; this one was updated no more recently than Winter 1998. 
  • Kim Ballard ('74): I'm now a Senior Editor for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill in Woodland Hills, CA; you can email her at kim_ballard@mcgraw-hill.com. Updated Spring 2000. 
  • David Boutwell ('72) and Felixa Sommer Boutwell ('72) live in relative bliss in Kernersville with their children Maggy (9) and Parker (6). David retired from the Army Reserve in 2000 and is employed as the City Surveyor for Greensboro. Felixa is (over) active in the local PTA and UMW. They both shiver over novels on the back porch while they dream of spring weather and wonder why their children are so damned young.  They can be reached at faboutwell@mindspring.com  Updated, Spring 2003 
  • Downs Brown, Jr. (1976)  lives in Apex and works at Glaxo SmithKline as a help desk analyst.  He got married, acquired a daughter, bought a house, and still plays in a band. dbrown@ntrnet.net Updated Spring 2000
  • David W. Bulla (’77) who taught English and journalism in North Carolina for a decade, is a graduate student at Indiana University in Bloomington. He plans to write his thesis on the history of IU basketball and his dissertation on the non-fiction of Walker Percy. He can be E-mailed at dbulla@indiana.edu. Updated Spring 2000. 
  • Jay Butler (1975) received the Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award from the NC Bar Associates. He continues to live in downtown Raleigh with his wife and two children, ages 6 and 8. Jjb44@mindspring.com    Updated Spring 2000. 
  • Frank Cavadi ('79): is an Analyst/Programmer at UNCG. He works in the Management Information Systems (MIS) Dept's Student Information System (SIS) group and has been working for the university for about 8 years now. His e-mail address is CavadiF@uncg.edu and his homepage is http://www.uncg.edu/~fecavadi . I forgot to date early entries; this one was updated no more recently than Winter 1998. 
  • Martha Christian (‘70) earned a master’s in architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and is now employed at Levin and Associates in downtown Los Angeles. Updated December 1999.
  • Congratulations to Gaye Barbour Clifton (‘77) and husband Ken on the birth of their daughter, Kristina Leigh Clifton, in October.  Updated Summer 1999
  • Cindy Clontz van Laar (formerly Cindy Clontz Coates)  (1978) remarried in July 2000.  Her husband, Claude Francois van Laar (Franco) is from the Netherlands.  They live in Greensboro at the home the "Coates" family has shared in Greensboro since 1981.  Sarah (18) is a freshman in the Residential College at UNCG.  She is a vocal performance major in the School of Music and loves RC life.  Emily (16) is a junior at Grimsley High School and sings in the Gold Madrigals.  Ethan (10) is in 4th grade at Greensboro Montessori School. Both Cindy and Franco are employed by UNCG and are enjoying the kids, the dogs, the cat and their lives together.  The reunion with Betty, Fran and Murray via Sarah's involvement with RC has been wonderful. Cindy would love to hear from friends. westbourne@triad.rr.com. Updated Winter 2001 
  • Jeff Colbert ('74): (famous for scoring what might very well be the ONLY touchdown in an RC football game!) got and now he's giving it right back as a Core teacher in the RC! Jeff also teaches at Elon College up the road and if his work in the RC is any kind of gauge he's WOWing 'em up there as well! Wanna catch up with Jeff?? Drop him a line c/o the RC [114 Mary Foust Hall; UNCG; Greensboro, NC 27412] or email him at mjcolber@uncg.edu. Spring 2001.
  • Margaret Cox Griffin (’74) lives in Durham with husband and insurance agent Stephen Griffin and their kids, Hadley Elizabeth (6) and Rebecca Emerson (4).  She is very active in her church:  teaches Sunday school, serves on the board of directors for the preschool, and works part-time as a TA in the school’s 3-year old class.  She also works part-time in the Kid’s Room of a local fitness club. Winter 1998
  • Sandy Crawford Leak (‘71) lives in Durham and is associate director of the Duke Long-Term Care Resources Program.  She coordinates an internship program for upper level undergraduates and grad students in the humanities and social sciences. Scl@geri.duke.edu  Updated December 1999
  • Jane Boutwell Duckwall (1974-76) is a freelance writer in Charlotte. She and her husband, Mike, have 11- and 12-year old sons. My e-mail address is jbduckwall@mindspring.com if anyone wants to contact me. Updated Spring 2004
  • Lorie Branan Langan (’70)  married Joe Langan in 1982.  They have two kids, Daniel (14) and Marianna (11).  She earned an M.Ed. from UNC-CH and moved to Rockford, Illinois in 1983.  She taught art for almost 20 years and is now a studio artist and manages a small art gallery.  Winter 1998 
  • Suzetta Bragg Wolfe (’74) lives in Greensboro, is a pharmaceuticals sales rep, and has two kids:  Matthew (12) and  Aaron (9). Suzetta_Wolfe@Berlex.com  Winter 1998
  • Lisa Buchanan Woolard (‘74) lives in Belhaven, NC. wool@tricountynet.net  Updated Summer 1999 Mary Cheek Mills (’77) MA from ASU in 1993; MA from Winterthur Museum/University of DE in 1995. I am gallery director at M. Finkel & Daughter in Philadelphia. See www.finkelantiques.com if you're interested in antique needlework. I am also a glass specialist and teach for graduate programs in decorative arts at Sothebys, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and the Smithsonian. I live in Yardley, Bucks County, PA with my dog, Sadie. I was married in 1997 to wonderful Englishman, but he passed away suddenly in 2003, making me a very young (yes, young) widow. Email: Themills@wans.net  Updated Summer 2004 Dan Daniel (‘79) is married to Lynne Blackmon Daniel and has three healthy happy children: Wallace III (age 10), Charlotte (age 7) and McMillen (age 3).  Dan works at Interpath Communications, Inc. in Raleigh and is responsible for planning and implementing the company’s branch expansion plans to eight new offices from Atlanta to Washington, DC to Memphis, TN, and is also responsible for the company’s Inside Sales Department. dan.daniel@interpath.net  Updated December 1999
  • Linda Davenport (‘70) is a commercial property manager at Carolantic Realty in Raleigh. She married Charles Flanagan in October 1997 and is active in the local and state Optimist Club. Linda was elected president of the Wake County Association of Phi Beta Kappa in 1998-99. lindadavenport@worldnet.att.net  Updated Summer 1999
  • Tina Davis (1978-79) I am living in Hickory, NC, am divorced, have 2 great kids, and after many years of being a stay at home mom, have returned to school for nursing.  tinalou611@hotmail.com  Updated Fall 2001
  • Ellen Deitz Tucker ('72) = dctucker@erols.com
  • Chris DeIuliis ('74): lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with his wife, Cindy, and their two daughters, Andrea (age 7) and Rasha (age 6). He works for Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, managing professional development programs for K-12 teachers. In addition to his family, his passions include live music and basketball. He hopes to be at the reunion in May, but if you can't catch him there, email him at deiuliis@vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu Winter 1998
  • Asha Hannah Densmore was born to Carol Densmore (‘73) and Gary Cohen on July 22, 1998. Carol and family live in the Boston area, where Carol is currently working on her Master’s in Public Health and certification as a nurse-midwife.  ashadevi@bu.edu  Updated Summer 1999
  • Art Donsky (‘74) has been a rabbi for ten years, a husband for fifteen years, and a father for eight. He lives in Pittsburgh with wife Suzanne and daughter Aliyah Naomi. Ravart@sgi.net  Updated December 1999.
  • Keith Ferrell ('71), former editor of Omni magazine, has been involved in several editing and writing projects including The Omni Book of Scientific -Quotations and George Orwell: The Political Pen. His latest thriller is Passing Judgment. Winter 1998
  • Betsey Goodling (1974) has morphed into Liz Gibbons, PhD, and is a tenured professor of dance at East Stroudsburg University in PA.  Married to classical guitarist Jeff Gibbons, daughter Emily is almost 5 yrs. old.  lgibbons@po-box.esu.edu  Updated Fall, 2001 
  • Sherrie Elizabeth Grainger Stewart (’76) is a Greensboro dietitian.  She lives with husband Harrison, children Will (11), Elizabeth (9), Grainger (7), and a dog, rabbit, and snake.  She volunteers with the scouts and schools, likes gardening, bridge, and tennis, and is involved in the Greensboro Junior League and the Herb Society of America.  Winter 1998
  • Betsy Blank Harkins (‘70) lives in Pittsburgh. Bbh555@aol.com. Updated December 1999
  • Gene Hayworth ('77).  Gene Hayworth works as an Associate Professor for the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries. His new book, "Fever Vision : the life and work of Coleman Dowell," will be published in January, 2007, by Dalkey Archive Press. In 1998 he published an essay on Dowell in the encyclopedia "Gay and Lesbian Literature." His critical study of Dowell appeared in the Review of Contemporary Fiction, Fall 2002, and in February 2003 he prepared an exhibit of the Coleman Dowell papers at The Fales Library, New York University. His email is gene.hayworth@colorado.edu. Updated Fall 2006 
  • Kathy Haldane Grenier ('79) married Stephen Grenier and was promoted to Associate Professor in the history department at The Citadel. We don't know if the two events were related, but you can ask her via E-mail at Grenierk@citadel.edu.  Winter 1998
  • Peter Hertsgaard (’77) is a professional actor, director, producer, and writer in Toronto and Buffalo.  Look for his future film Revelation, a mystical, sci-fi thriller.  He also works with Theatre for Change, a company working interactively and improvisationally with varying social issues such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, cultural diversity, and workplace change.  Winter 1998
  • Alix Hitchcock (’70 counselor) is 1998 Artist of the Year in Winston-Salem, sponsored by the Sawtooth Center for Visual Art. Hitchcac@wfu.edu.  Winter 1998
  • Gene Hyde ('77) is the Archivist and Appalachian Collection Librarian at Radford University in Radford, Virginia. Email: genehyde@comcast.net.  He lives in Blacksburg, VA with his wife, Barrie Bondurant (PhD, UNCG '94). http://www.radford.edu/~wehyde/  April 2009
  • Kenneth Johnson ('77) In the summer of 2002 my wife, Jo, and I traveled to Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia to adopt our son Jakob. After sixteen years of marriage we are delighted to join the ranks of geriatric parents. I am a director at the law firm of Tuggle Duggins & Meschan in Greensboro, N.C. Jo and I have happily adjusted to "small town" life in Greensboro after about 18 years in Washington D.C. I can be reached at kjohnson@tuggleduggins.com. Updated Spring 2004
  • Debbie Jones Kenyon ('73)  I've been back in NC for 20 years now, after transferring and graduating from Arizona State and spending 14 years in Phoenix.  After a total of 27 years in the travel industry in both states, in 2006 I retired and joined Parksite in Apex as an admin assistant.  Wish I could say I really retired, but unfortunately only from travel -- I'm a full-timer for the long haul!  Chuck & I have been married for 13 years, and as of this year, we are proud empty-nesters.  All the young 'uns are grown and out of the house - that's 2 of mine and 3 of his, all now over 21 and, I'm happy to say, all doing well. (His two daughters are married, and we have two grand-daughters.)  We are finding that we enjoy a quieter life and look forward to simpler things -- that's a good life!  You can contact me at dcjkenyon@aol.com. Updated November 2009
  • Vera Jones ('73) lives in Spring Lake, NC. vdj@gateway.net
  • Anna Jordan (’79) is Director of Christian Education at Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church in Savannah, GA.  Winter 1998
  • Margaret (Maggie) Kellum Chalk ('72)  married Skinner Chalk in 1998 and started graduate school in architecture at NCSU. She also runs a design/build company, Classic Cottages, Inc. She lives in Morehead City.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Ted Labosky (‘78) is single again and enjoys visiting his two daughters, Emily and Mary Grace.  Ted earned an MLS from UNCG in 1990 and currently is the Technical Services Librarian at Forsyth Technical Community College.  He still enjoys Valle Crucis and the beach.  tlabosky@forsythtech.edu     Updated August 2006
  • Sandy Crawford Leak ('71): works with Duke University's Long Term Care Program, an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary program which deals, among other things, with aging and long-term care, particularly from a public policy perspective. You can check out the program at http://www.geri.duke.edu/ltc or reach Sandy at scl@geri.duke.edu.  Winter 1998
  • Miriam Lieberman ('74) received a master's in psychology from Goddard College, lives in Chapel Hill with 9 year-old Jesse and cat Gaia, and works as a psychotherapist.  Winter 1998
  • Laura Linder ('76)  taught Masterpieces of Cinema for RC this spring. She earned an MA from UNCG in 1986 and is assistant professor of media studies.  She recently authored Public Access Television: America’s Electronic Soapbox. lrlinder@uncg.edu. Updated Spring 2000
  • Michelle Linster-Glenn (’74) teaches psychology at Winston-Salem State University and is married to George Glenn II, who works for the NC Industrial Commission. They live in Greensboro and have three kids:  Geordi (9), Mari (7), and Max (2).  Winter 1998
  • Martha New Milam ('75) I live in Durham, NC, in a state of wedded bliss with my husband Dan. We have been married for almost 12 years. I was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 1999, and each day I am thankful to still be alive. In appreciation of my second chance at life, I have become a devoted Yoga practitioner and I am studying to become a Yoga teacher. Professionally, I am a partner in the Durham law firm, Reinhardt Milam Law Group, PLLC, where I specialize in Family Law and also practice in the area of Workers' compensation. I'd love to hear from alumni from 1975 and 1976 and I am especially interested in knowing if anyone has contact information for my former roommate, Cati Vietoriz. You can reach me at mnm@rmlawgroup.com.  Namaste. Updated Spring 2004
  • Ruth Miller ('74 - '75)   I was a freshman at that time and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I had a great time at the RC and am glad for that first positive taste of college life.  I ended up in Utah and finally earned my BA in 1984 in Communication.  I went on to work for PBS and have been with the Salt Lake affiliate for almost 14 years.  The latest project I've worked on that you probably have heard of was A Christmas Gloria with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that was broadcast nationally this Christmas Eve (I was the Associate Producer).  Alot of the projects I work on are aired only locally--but that Christmas special was a BIG ONE for me and the station.  On a more personal note, I have one daughter who is 12.  Her name is Elyse.  My husband Arnold, a Shoshone-Paiute Indian, will be completing his master's degree in Social Work from the University of Utah this coming May. rmiller@media.utah.edu. Updated Spring 2000  
  • Bonnie S. Murrell (‘76) has survived cancer, divorce, and driving a school bus for Guilford County Schools. She is a self-employed tax preparer and bookkeeper. Bmur932260@aol.com  Updated Summer 1999
  • Larry Oxman  (‘77-‘79)  Rooms 310 & 315.  Alive and well and living still living in the Hamptons (Long Island, NY).  He is a commercial real estate developer.  He is still in touch with Clint Popper (cpopper@triad.rr.com), Steve Hedberg, Ralph DiCarlo and the other 3rd floor "bad boys of Mary Foust".  He is a founder and president of The Long Island ScienCenter, a soon-to-be regional hands-on science and technology museum based on invention and technology developed on Long Island.  Always remembers RC with fondness.  Toga. Sad to hear of John’s passing.  Would really enjoy hearing from you.  Larry can be reached at loxman@optonline.net. Wish I could make it for reunion 2000, will be there in spirit.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Cathy Pike Plough (79-81) married fellow RCer, Greg Plough, (RC 1979-81) in 1984. Cathy is a free-lance writer, working via computer with clients from Virginia to Florida. She is a regular education columnist for the Charlotte Christian News, contributes to other newspapers, writes video scripts and provides copywriting for organizations including the Billy Graham Training Center. Greg's work with CSX Railroad, in their IT (technology) department, took them from Charlotte to Jacksonville in August, 1997. They have a nine-year-old daughter, Christine, and are in the process of adopting a son, Samuel, from Hong Kong! You can reach them by email at CathyPlou@aol.com.  Winter 1998
  • John M. Pope, Jr. ('77) died of cancer October 27, 1997 at his home in Falls Church, Virginia. He was a muralist and landscape painter, having received a masters degree in fine arts from Boston University. His works were exhibited in the D.C. area, in Kansas, New York, and North Carolina. He had also been a set designer for a science fiction TV show, an award-winning political cartoonist, and the arts editor for Generation Next magazine.  A memorial fund has been set up in John's honor; please read about it here.
  • Alison Pratt ('75) is a clinical  psychologist in Long Island, NY. She and husband Steve Hetzel have one son, Reid. Say hi to Alison  at apsychfp@aol.comUpdated April 2007
  • Mike Pratt (‘74) and Vicky Vanderford Pratt (‘72) live in Brevard, where Michael is busy lawyering and Vicky works in his office, helping with estate work. Their daughter Amanda, 13, is in band, scouts, piano lessons, etc. Son Allen, 11, is also taking piano lessons and Aaron, 9, keeps them quite busy. Updated December 1999
  • Dennis James Osborne (’73):  Dennis retired in '05, but still substitutes (some times long-term) in Exceptional Children's Classes. His wife, Debbie was involved in a severe auto accident which left her disabled. Both of their sons are grown, one married, but no grandchildren yet. Email: ozziehart@yahoo.com June 2009
  • David Ragan (‘79) lives in Durham. Davidrag@med.unc.edu. Updated December 1999
  • Donna Rascoe (’76) is an associate with Schwartz & Shaw, a law firm in Raleigh practicing education law and representing schools.  She has a two-year-old son, Nathan.  Email: rascoe@schwartz-shaw.com  Updated Spring 2000
  • Kyle Ray (‘76) I continue to live in Fairfax, VA. I've recently taken a government position in the Defense Information Systems Agency. The position involves travel to the Pacific. I go on my first trip to Thailand at the end of Feb. I have trips scheduled for Singapore, Korea and Hawaii later in the year.   Over the past year I've taken up scuba diving and piano lessons. I took a trip to Cat Island in the outer Bahamas last summer to go diving. Went to a small resort with not too many tourists, no kids, but with a diving operation - paradise. My trip to Hawaii is in May and I plan on taking a vacation there to do some diving as well. I bought a piano a few months ago and have started taking lessons. I compare myself to the 8- and 9-year olds who are playing and hoping one day to be that good.  My email address is: kray@cox.rr.com Updated Winter 2001
  • Mary Bosch Read ('71-'73) lives in Moscow Idaho and is Associate Director for Publications and the University Press at Washington State University in neighboring Pullman, Washington.  I've been married to John Read (who I met through John Steenken, RC '70) for 23 years.  Daughter Sarah graduated from the University of Idaho in spring 2001 - and so the next life phase begins.  Email her at frances@moscow.com  Updated Summer 2001
  • Eric Ries (‘76) and wife Lynn Abbott spent a cool two weeks in Iceland, where they watched whales, rode Icelandic horses, and ate puffins. Angry PETA operatives may track him down in DC at Epries@aol.com. Updated December 1999
  • Kate Rushford Murray (1970) lives in North Hampton, NH. karma@planet2000.net. Updated Spring 2000
  • Ed Sanders (‘70) is currently Clinical Manager of Radiation Oncology at Cumberland Medical Center in Crossville, TN.   He and his family (four kids are now aged 9, 8, 8, and 8) are holed up in the east Tennessee hills (in Fairfield Glade) with Bible, generator, and 12-gauge, awaiting the coming Y2K debacle. E-mail him while they still have electricity: sandersebccee@citlink.net  Updated Summer 1999
  • Jean Shaw ('73) My husband, John Lee, and I live in the Portland (OR) area; we've been here for 4 years now and love it. I'm still writing and editing (mostly medical/health) and singing (with Oregon Repertory Singers these days). And as soon as the snow clears, I'll be back hiking in the high country. (You know you live in the Northwest if you can point in the direction of two or more volcanoes, even though you can't  see them through the clouds.).   E-mail her at: Jeanshaw@hevanet.com. Updated Spring 2000
  • Margaret Snider Nieman (’77) recently moved to Ann Arbor, MI with her husband John, who is an Episcopal priest, and their adopted daughter Joanna (4).  She’s been a full-time mom for several years and is now getting back into dancing.  Winter 1998
  • John Steenken ('70) is still hiding in the mountains of southwest Virginia not too far from Virginia Tech with his wife Betsy and 17 year old daughter Allie.  He is teaching online composition and literature classes from the home which is a wonderful relief from the rigors of academia.  When not working, he escapes to his cabin in the mountains and ponders about the absurdities of modern life. He can be reached at drumtaps@suddenlin.netUpdated August 2008
  • Patience Stevens, MD, MPH (‘78) lives in Cary with husband Jay Stevens, MD, and three sons between the ages of 2 and 6:  Eric, James, and Timothy. She serves as a consultant for Copernicus Group. Jpejtstevens@mindspring.com. Updated December 1999
  • Rick Stone (’73) lives in Eden, NC.  Email: Jdgstone@aol.com. I forgot to date early entries; this one was updated no more recently than Winter 1998
  • Melinda Teague Pierce (‘76) has been a teacher for 12 years at South Point High School in Belmont, NC. Her husband Charles is an architect at McCulloch England Assoc. in Charlotte. She has two children, Lauren, 13, and Andrew, 9.  Mpierce@gridusa.net  Updated Summer 1999
  • David Turner (1972)  has the Thomas Ross Endowed Chair of History at Davis & Elkins College.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Bruce Vail (‘77) is a supervisory staff attorney with the federal court of appeals in Atlanta, Georgia.  He and his wife can usually be found at their home in Peachtree City, along with their dog and cat, but periodically vacation in Florida (Daytona Beach) and the mountains of North Carolina (near Cashiers).  In his spare time, Bruce enjoys playing tennis and staying in touch with those he's met over the years, including many from RC.  His email address remains Bruce_Vail@ca11.uscourts.gov.  Updated May 2007  
  • Michael Pratt (‘75) while attending a legal education seminar in Atlanta. "I am now closing real estate loans in Henry County, have become a member of the Atlanta Blues Society, and am watching far too many reruns of "Mannix" for my own good."  Updated Summer 2002
  • Lynn Viehe Voss (’74) lives in Cary, Illinois with husband Randy and daughter Stephanie Louise (8).  She’s been a stay-at-home mom for over five years and stays busy volunteering at her daughter’s school, their church, and the Newcomers Club.  Winter 1998
  • Patricia Wagner Jordan (‘71) is a family nurse practitioner and has been married for 25 years to John Jordan. Son Dereil is a sophomore at UT-Knoxville majoring in architecture, and daughter Michelle is a high school freshman and soccer player.  Updated Summer 1999
  • The UNCG Alumni Bulletin lists under Alumni Deaths Philip “Pete” A. Walker, Jr. (RC 1978). Unfortunately, we do not have any further information.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Patricia White Weathers (1973) lives in Charlotte with a husband (a physician's assistant working in sleep medicine), a 16-year-old daughter, and a 10-year-old son. After earning a master's in education from UNCG, Patricia worked in Adult and Continuing Education at UNCG and then UNCC. She now writes grants for the Allegro Foundation, which teaches dance and movement education to individuals with disabilities. CLTPWeathers@carolina.rr.com. Updated Spring 2000
  • Anne Willson (‘78) and partner Judi Kastner have opened TwoArtChicks on the 600 block of South Elm Street in downtown Greensboro. The space includes artist studios, two classrooms, and a sales gallery for local and national artists. The gallery will feature paintings, jewelry, toys, and crafts, including pricey pieces as well as works for under $50. Updated December 1999
  • Sarah Wilson (’73) lives in Gainesville, FL with husband Jeff Harrison (a professor) and kids McCabe (14), Casey (13), and Conner (6).  She writes and takes photos for local publications and exhibits, is involved in the kids’ schools, travels to Europe often, “exchanges kids” with a family in Belgium, and does work for Habitat for Humanity.  Winter 1998
  • Rhonda Womble (’72) (the magic dragon?) lives by the sea.  She is raising a ten-year-old daughter, running her own business, weaving, quilting, kayaking, and thoroughly enjoying living in Emerald Isle, NC.  Winter 1998
  • Byron Woods (‘78) writes reviews for the Raleigh News and Observer. byron2@bellsouth.net   He sent us the following web sites in a shameless fit of self-promotion  Updated Summer 1999. ): http://www.news-observer.com/daily/1999/01/18/day00.html http://www.news-observer.com/daily/1999/01/17/arts01.html http://www.news-observer.com/daily/1999/02/12/day01.html
  • After graduating UNCG in 1976, Celeste Zdanski Norton-Dennis (1972) attended Yale Divinity School and obtained a M.Div.in 1979 with a concentration in ethics. She soon moved to Durham and began a series of positions with UNC. She obtained an MSW in 1988 and then worked at Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Hospital and Charter Northridge Hospital in Raleigh before setting up private practice in Chapel Hill. In 1994, she married Michael Norton-Dennis, a native of the UK who is now retired from international public health work and is an ex marathon runner and actor and current writer. Last year Celeste was diagnosed with a brain tumor for which she is still undergoing treatment. She has a 12-year-old step-daughter, Chelsea, and has published several poems in various periodicals. cebuci@aol.com. Updated Spring 2000
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