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ALUMNI - 1990's
  • Amy Acevedo Schenck ('91): got married in 2006 and had her first child, Stephen Grayson Schenck, in April of 2008.  She and her family live in Greensboro.  Would love to catch up with old friends. Email her at: amyjaye@bellsouth.net Updated March 2009
  • Mike Agejew ('90) and Beth Sisel Agejew are pleased to announce the birth of their second son, Mark Robert Agejew.  Mark arrived October 1, 2001 at 7:25pm, weighing in at 7 pounds, 15.9 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches.  Email Mike and Beth at bagejew@email.msn.comUpdated Fall 2001
  • Seth Beal ('93) and Rebecca Landis ('92) were married December 27, 1997 in Charlotte. Seth graduated UNCG with a BS in political science and works for Coleman ReseaWARCh Corporation in Charleston, SC. Rebecca is an Ensign in the U.S. Navy and is also in medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Updated Spring 1998
  • Kelly Beissel Williams (‘90) earned an MS in Forestry from NCSU in 1996.  She works for the NC Division of Coastal Management as Wetland Restoration Specialist.  She was married in November 1998 and lives with her husband Brian in Raleigh. Erin Howard Haygood (‘90) and Maria Baird Plentl (‘90) were attendants in the wedding. NROBA03P@mail.enr.state.nc.us   Updated Summer 1999
  • Connie Lugo ('98):  I'm now living in Raleigh with my boyfriend Kevin as he finishes up his last year at State. I have fallen into a crazy gang of computer nerds and have started playing more Warhammer and Diablo II in addition to the Magic games of college. I'm teaching Spanish at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School (www.srhs.net) while working on settling down. I can still be reached at c.e.lugo@usa.net. and all are welcome to come and visit if in the Raleigh area!  Updated Summer 2004
  • Shandra Stowers ('97) is also working off her servitude as a middle school art teacher in Randolph County. She and Thomas are still blissfully married, and are busy raising their dog and cat, remodeling their house, and generally being old married people. Shandra can be reached at: msgurt@yahoo.com.   Updated Summer 2003
  • Kelly Beissel Williams (‘90) earned an MS in Forestry from NCSU in 1996.  She works for the NC Division of Coastal Management as Wetland Restoration Specialist.  She was married in November 1998 and lives with her husband Brian in Raleigh. Erin Howard Haygood (‘90) and Maria Baird Plentl (‘90) were attendants in the wedding. NROBA03P@mail.enr.state.nc.us   Updated Summer 1999
  • Alley Blackburn Collins ('90) married Rob Collins in 2002.  She has one daughter, Abigael Collins (b. 2005) and is living in and teaching high school theatre in Wilmington, NC. Email her at acollins@nhcs.net or find her on Facebook. Updated June 2009
  • Jenn Broome ('97) is still working off her indentured servitude (a la Teaching Fellows). She is currently teaching world literature courses at Chapel Hill High School. Her cat is still alive and kicking, and she welcomes any and all requests to crash at her house on Halloween! You can reach her via electronic mail at: msbroome@hotmail.com Updated Spring 2003
  • Alley Blackburn ('90).  i am currently teaching drama at hoggard  high school in wilmington nc.  i have been living with my boyfriend rob for the past three years.  he's a chef at milano's in wilmington (though not an WARC alumni).  we are quite happy with our menagerie of pets.  anyone of those  WARC freaks can email me at alleyblack@aol.com! Updated Spring 2000
  • Kristen MacDougall ('96).  I recently moved from North Carolina to the Los Angeles area, where my partner and four cats keep me company here in Pasadena.  I am a GIS Specialist at a GIS/engineering company where I've worked for the past 5 years.  Like a good souther Californian, I have taken up surfing and enjoy it very much!  I can be reached at mtb_grrl@yahoo.com! Updated October 2007
  • Sarah Bosch Hyson ('96) and her husband Christopher Hyson welcomed in their new son, Nathanial FitzRandolph Hyson, on October 20, 2007.  Sarah and family are now living in Philadelphia, PA.   Email her at sarah.hyson@gmail.com  Updated January 2008
  • Ed Branscomb ('91) was part of the inaugural graduating class of the Elon University School of Law, and I am engaged to Mary Kate Ferry of Greensboro. ebransc@netscape.com  Updated June 2009
  • Elizabeth Brown ('93): "I am working as a legal assistant for a law firm in Maryland. I write patent applications as part of my telecommuting job from home (Hickory, NC). I enjoy yoga and live-action role playing games." Email Liz at erbrown@charter.net.  Updated Spring 2002
  • Kimberley Clemons ('92) has finished her last rotation of medical school and is beginning her residency in anesthesiology at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She misses all her WARC friends (including the local ones) and wishes they would write her at: clemonk@med.unc.edu. Updated Spring 2000 Marina Ciaffone Nealson (‘90) Marina Ciaffone Nealson (90) married Keith Nealson on April 21, 2001, in Umstead Park.  I have a wonderful stepdaughter, Ardyn who is 5 and a half, and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Elena Rose Nealson, on April 4, 2002!!  Yes, I'm spawning!! Scary!  I still teach pre-K at ReseaWARCh Triangle Institutes accredited parent co-operative preschool.  Email marimonster@attglobal.net  Updated Summer 2002
  • Carla Carrubba ('95) and Devon Kersten ('93)  currently reside with their two cats and dog in Richmond, VA.  Carla earned her Master of Teaching degree at Virginia commonwealth University in 2003, and is currently teaching middle school science in Henrico County.  Devon earned an undergraduate degree in Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University, and is currently a Teaching Assistant and student in the Master of Biology program.  Carla and Devon are still engaged and plan to get married in the near future.  Updated August, 2007 
  • Jeff Crews ('95)  I just wanted folks to know I am a Petty Officer in the US Coast Guard and stationed in Washington D.C. My email is JeffryCrews@msn.com Updated Summer 2001
  • Heidi Czerwiec Blitch ('91) is Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and Literature at the University of North Dakota, where she also directs the UND Writers Conference. Her first volume of poetry, Hiking the Maze, will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2009.  She remarried and has learned to like baseball.  Her email is heidi.czerwiec@und.nodak.edu  Updated September 2008
  • Trish Deb (‘90) is Manager of the Refugee Family Violence Prevention Project in Atlanta. trishala@igc.org  Updated December 1999
  • Alesha Daughtrey ('93):  I earned a Master's in Public Policy (MPP) from Duke University in May 2009.  Now I'm doing research and policy work at the Center for Teaching Quality - a national education nonprofit focused on teacher leadership and effectiveness.  I married Peter Raabe in 2007.  ARC alums Laura Maschal ('96), Sarah Stevenson Holly ('92), Jessica Stine Hanff ('92), Mona Hinds ('93) and Autumn Winters ('93) were all there.  Peter and I are still in Durham and house hunting, so anyone with tips can find me at alesha.daughtrey@alumni.duke.edu! Updated October 2009
  • Andrea L. Davis ('90) works as a risk manager for a staffing service and lives with twin sister Dawn in Asheville. She does medieval reenactments and sword fights in tournaments. bemighty1@hotmail.com
  • Trish Deb ('90)  is going to India for two months and will live in NYC thereafter. Trx2@cs.com
  • Catherine Evans Knott ('98) and her husband, Jason Knott, moved to Oban, Scotland in May, 2009.  Cat took a job as an Associate Pastor of the Oban Kilmore Parish with the Church of Scotland.  Updated March 2009
  • Sarah Dobbins (‘92) is the new foundation coordinator for the Alleghany Memorial Hospital Foundation.  Updated Summer 1999
  • Dion Duyck (‘94) graduated from UNCG in 1998 and is currently in Madrid working on a degree in Spanish. Dionduyck@hotmail.com  Updated December 1999
  • Eric Ehlers (’96)  I was married to Kirsti Erickson in 1998. I'm working on a Master's in Comparative Literature at BYU and have two little girls: Elizabeth (b. July 12, 1999) and Sarah (b. Feb 7, 2001).  Email: zoboo@thelemur.net  Updated Spring 2002
  • Brian Ewing (WARC 1997, RA 1998-2000) married Shelley Whichard on October 26, 2002 in Raeford, NC.  WARC'ers John Campbell (WARC 1996) and Jon Michael (WARC 1996) were groomsmen.  Brian teaches at High Point Central High School, and Shelley works as Assistant Registrar for the Evening Degree Program at High Point University. 
  • Mark Feldman (‘91) recently received an Associates in Applied Science in computer programming from Durham Technical Community College, with honors.  You can contact him at his email address markf247@verizon.net.   Updated April 2008
  • Mary Floyd (‘92) lives with Heather Stokes (‘92) in Raleigh.  Mary was recently on an acting tour of The Diary of Ann Frank. She is assistant directing King Henry IV, parts 1 & 2 for Burning Coal Theatre Company and is doing a musical with Raleigh Ensemble Players in July. mfloyd@cherryhuffman.com  Updated Summer 1999
  • Laura Fowler Will (1990)  teaches sixth grade in Durham County.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Bobby Gold ('93): I opened a retail store called Orbit in Asheville, NC about 2 years ago. We specialize in mid-century modern furnishings. Check out the Jan/Feb issue of Wallpaper Magazine. There was a nice write up on Asheville that we were featured in. My current e-mail is zagold@earthlink.net.  Updated Summer 2002
  • Heather Prevette Goldman ('91) and Andy Goldman ('90) have moved to Algonquin, IL-that's near Chicago. Heather finally graduated from UNCG in May '99 with a BS in Education of Deaf Children. Andy is employed by Zurich US insurance company in the actuarial technical support department. Heather is a sign language interpreter at both a high school and community college. Their son Michael is 5 and having a great time in kindergarten.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Patsy Gonzalez (‘90) teaches eighth-grade academically gifted as well as regular language arts classes at Noble Middle School in Wilmington.  She married Chris McQuiston, a massage therapist, on MaWARCh 22, 1999 in Falmouth, Jamaica. Sky823@aol.com  Updated Summer 1999
  • Keefe Govus (1995)  is an Environmental Education Coordinator for UNCG. mkgovus@uncg.edu
  • Robert Green (1994-1995) After leaving WARC, I  attended UGA in Athens, GA. Currently, I work for a telecom company in Atlanta. We handle communications for most of the airlines in the world. So, if you fly on a commeWARCial plane, your life is in my hands! (HA HA HA). I hope Mary Foust is still as loony as it was while I was there!  Updated Fall 2001
  • Stephanie Hess (‘93) married Sean Thomas Gilley on July 10, 1999 in Clemmons. Updated December 1999
  • Mona Hinds ('93) lives in Alexandria, VA having just bought her first house and is now engaged to VA native Jeff Hosmer. The wedding will be in Chapel Hill in October 2004. She's probably still enjoying the easy access to museums and the spare time to paint furniture, quilt and generally indulge in crafts.  mnchhnds@yahoo.com  Updated Summer 2003 (Thanks Jess!)
  • Josh Hinson ('91): was also instrumental ('scuse the pun!) in the 25th Anniversary Party. All decked out, Josh provided bagpipe music and accompaniment for the WARC Choir that gave the event much of the class and atmosphere that it deserved. You can reach Josh by email at QJoshH@aol.com  Update Spring 1998
  • Christopher Hinton ('90)  married Melissa Lynne Luttner, of Latrobe, Pa., on Sept. 28, 2008.  They live in Brooklyn, NY, with their dog and cat.  "Missy" just completed her masters in social work at Hunter College in Manhattan, and now counsels young teenagers coming out of the New York juvenile-detention system. Chris writes for MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal, and is active in the sustainable-foods culture.  He completed his M.A. in 2003 at the University of Chicago, studying international relations and media. You can reach him at snapfinger@yahoo.com  Updated February 2009
  • Sally Holmes ('93) and Patrick Meehan ('92) were married June 21, 1997. They live in Charleston, SC, where Patrick is attending Johnson & Wales University for a Baking and Pastry Arts degree. Sallys play Necessities was performed at UNCG in November and will go to the American College Theater Festival in February.  Update Spring 1998
  • Jo Ellen Hooker ('95) married Jason Petersen in Raleigh on August 16, 1997   Updated Spring 1998
  • Johnny Hopkins (‘93) completed a degree in Biology at UNCG in May 1999 and is applying to the MTS Program of Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta. Updated December 1999
  • Anna Hudson (’93) married Timothy Robert Stewart in January.  Updated Spring 1998
  • Kristine Keathley (‘94) is taking a break from school and is lives in Belmont, NC. mskristine@netscape.net  Updated December 1999
  • Dana Kepple ('90): I moved from North Carolina to DC to Seattle in a less than a year.  I am working on my Master's in Public Administration.  I went from working in theatre, to arts administration, to arts with a great non-profit mission and got hooked!  I now work at Seattle Habitat for Humanity, doing whatever they need.  I learned to ski this winter, and am enjoying the beauty of the Northwest.  I'd love to hear from any of you!  Write me at DrumKep@cs.com  Updated Spring 2002
  • Mario Kersey ('93)  was named to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers this year. He was teaching at Anson High School (Anson County, NC) but is leaving the teaching profession for the time being.  These days, Mario is the proud uncle of two round face children, has published a couple of poems, written a play which was produced in Durham, has a comic book slated for a 2004 release, and is working on a graphic novel called The Genocide Man. Email Mario at textitanium@hotmail.com  Updated Summer Spring 2003
  • Leesa Knapp (previously Leesa Hanson, '91)  I graduated with a BS in Elementary Education in 1995 and taught first grade for five years.  I received my Master's in Reading Education in 1999, then moved to Austin, TX with my husband in 2000.  I am currently a reading specialist who also works with special ed. students here in Austin.  My husband and I just had a daughter (Grace) on January 16, 2003.  Please feel free to email me at hansonleesa@hotmail.comUpdated Summer 2003
  • Matthew Allen Knight (1990)  graduated UNCG in 1994 and married Kristin Lee Phillips on September 18, 1999.  They live in Charlotte.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Rebecca Landis ('92) is an officer in the U.S. Navy and is in her second year of medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. E-mail at landiser@usc.edu. Updated Spring 1998
  • Chris Lee (1993)  lives in Raleigh as a slave to Nortel. forestdancer@mailexcite.com  Updated Spring 2000
  • Page Lefler (‘93) married Paul Llewellyn Gallimore in April. They live in Melbourne, Australia.  Updated December 1999
  • Margo Mann Appenzeller ('93): is currently living in Charleston, SC.  I am working for the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind as a Service Coordinator in their Early Intervention Program.  I got married June 16, 2002 in Charleston.  I can be emailed at the address used for this email.  Email her at margo_mann@hotmail.com  Updated Spring 2003
  • Will Massey (‘91) FINALLY graduated from ASU with a degree in Anthropology/AWARChaeology.  He has started doing field work in the Asheville area, including work on the Biltmore Estate on a mound site.  He is still living in Valle Crucis on the Springhouse Farm with his dog. email at wilmasseyy@yahoo.com  Updated Spring 2003
  • Brandon Mathis (1993)  is Community Manager at Sedgefield Square in Greensboro.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Kelly Matthews (1994) graduated from University of Wyoming in May 2000 with a BS in Medical Technology.  I am currently living in Pocatello, Idaho with my fiancť, Aaron.  We are planning a wedding for August 2002.  If we can get our families here.  I work as the laboratory manager for an oncology/internal medicine clinic, after working nights for 7 months day shift is a welcome change.  I am hoping to be able to get to an WARC reunion sometime in the future, but this far I expect to graduate from the University of Wyoming in May 2000.  She is there majoring in medical technology.  Email: Booboo@uwyo.edu Updated Fall 2001
  • Maureen Maurer (’93) graduated UNCG in 1997 with a bachelor’s in biology.  She worked as a volunteer and then a full-timer in the Gynecologic Oncology Program at The Women’s Hospital in Greensboro before joining the Peace Corps to perform agricultural extension in Mali.  Updated Spring 1998
  • Veaney N. McIrvin (‘90)  is a doctor of naturopathic medicine in Portland, OR.  She is still writing, loves the literary scene there, and has also started painting. Veaney@aol.com  Updated Summer 1999
  • Matt McLean (‘94) lives in Fayetteville. mamclean@hotmail.com  Updated Summer 1999
  • Jonah Meyer (1991)  married Jaymie Buchanan on October 13, 2001 in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee (Jaymie's hometown). Still living in Greensboro, Jonah is a proofreader/editor and enjoys writing, photography, acting and playing several musical instruments. Email: jonahmeyer@yahoo.comUpdated Fall 2001
  • Alyssa Miller Harrison (1991)  had a baby in December, 2000. Harrisons@leaders.ccl.org  Updated Spring 2000
  • Eric Millin ('93)  and Chris Wilson Millin ('92) were married in August 1998.  They moved to Carrboro in July 2002. Eric received his MA in History from U of Georgia, Athens, and will be studying for his doctorate in History at UNC-Chapel Hill. Chris has worked for the Georgia Institute of Government and looks forward to studying the history of science and working in Chapel Hill. Email Eric at etmillin@worldnet.att.net and Chris at cwmillin@worldnet.att.net. Updated Summer 2002
  • Melissa Ann Moore (‘91) married Scott Wesley on June 13, 1998.They live in Youngsville.  Updated Summer 1999
  • Jeff Mortimore (‘93) married Nancy Amanda Wall June 12, 1999 in Greensboro. The couple live in Cambridge, MA and Jeff attends Harvard.  Updated December 1999
  • Anna Pitts (‘92) married David Power, a mechanical engineer, in his native Scotland in October 1997. Anna works with autistic adults in Raleigh and sometimes works as an extra in MGM movies filmed in NC. She has decided to go back to school for a master’s in social psychology.  She and Laura Graham recently returned from a Phish tour and now Anna wants to learn to play guitar.  Updated December 1999
  • Molly Pleasants (1994)  graduated from Queens College in December 2001, and has moved to Winston-Salem to be a stay-at-home mom for a little while.  Email Molly at mpleasants@earthlink.net.  Updated Fall 2001
  • Laura Ponder Baker (‘93) got married, on Oct. 20, 2002 to Henry Ashely Baker, and we are now expecting our first child (its a boy!) in Dec of 2004. We live in Cary NC, and I can be contacted at lagracebaker@yahoo.com. Updated Summer 2004
  • Bridget Rasmussen (1991)  married Gregory Simpson Marler on April 8. Kelly Smith (1991) was matron of honor. Brasmussen@hotbot.com  Updated Spring 2000
  • Howard B. Rhodes ('92) graduated with his Masters degree from Harvard Divinity School in June, 1998, and will begin his Ph.D. in Religion, Ethics, and Politics at Princeton University in September.  Updated Spring 1998
  • Bridget Rasmussen ('91) is living in Morganton, NC, with her husband, Greg Marler, and hopes to begin medical school in fall 2001.  You can email her at Bmrasmussen12@aol.com. Thanks to Jeff Richey for the Winter 2001 update! 
  • Scott Richardson ('93) recently returned home from New York City to found Light Defines Form, Inc. an aWARChitectural lighting design firm here in Greensboro.  Completed before he left, his design for the School of the International Center for Photography (NYC) was honored with the Award for Excellence from the International Association of Lighting Designers and a Lumen Award from the New York Illuminating Engineering Society.  Visit www.lightdefinesform.com  and email Scott at srichardson@ldf.us Updated Spring 2003
  • Jeff Richey ('90) and Kelly Smith ('91)  Since 2002, Jeff and Kelly have lived in Berea, Kentucky.  Jeff teaches Asian studies and religion at Berea College and Kelly serves as a serials and electronic resouWARCes librarian at Eastern Kentucky University.  They are busy raising their sons Nathan (born 2001) and Colin (born 2006).  Contact Jeff at Jeffrey_Richey@berea.edu and Kelly at Kelly.Smith2@eku.edu or check out their websites at http://faculty.berea.edu/richeyj/index.html and http://people.eku.edu/smithkel/Updated January 2007
  • Omar Benton Ricks ('93): I took my MA in US history from University of Illinois (a consolation prize for being a contestant on "Who Wants To Get A Ph.D."). For about 1-1/2 months now, I've been a "media/communications specialist" (glorified copy/production editor) with the University of Illinois ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I'm periodically a crew member, actor, and historical consultant in local community theater, and will be assistant directing the Champaign-Urbana Theater Company's production of Cole Porter's "Kiss Me, Kate" in the spring. I also sell shoes at the local Birkenstock store. Can't beat the discounts!!  Updated Spring 2006
  • Heather Riley (previously Sites) ('91) is working part-time as a veterinarian and has two little girls, Rebecca and Sarah.  E-mail hj_riley@msn.com  Updated November 2009 
  • Amanda Beth Russo (‘95) and Michael John Wares were married May 29, 1999 in Pleasant Garden, NC. Amanda received a BS in Education of Deaf Children/Educational Interpreting from UNCG. The couple lives in Greensboro.  Updated Summer 1999.
  • Laurie Schroeder ('94) and Daniel Joel Allen were married May 27 in Greensboro.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Claire Sexton ('91): currently lives in Apex with her daughter Julienne. Her email address is clairereynolds@mindspring.com  Updated Spring 2000
  • Stephanie Shaw ('90)  My husband Brett and I are still living in Raleigh and I recently started my new job in the exhibit design department of the NC Museum of Art. You can reach me at sfreese@nc.rr.com  Updated Fall 2001
  • Sara Riccio ('93): I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 98.  I then moved to NYC and started working for Scholastic (Software Clubs).  I love NYC, and it will always be my home, but....I am moving to Milan, Italy in June.  I am going to live with my sister and teach English.  My permanent email address is sarariccio@yahoo.com
  • Wendele Skee Mealey (‘91) lives in Wabash, Indiana, where she moved in 1996 to work with disadvantaged teens at a juvenile placement facility. She has been taking master’s courses at Grace College and Seminary and now works as a Mental Health Services Coordinator and weekend EMT at the same facility. She married Greg Mealey, who also works with the kids there, in August 1998.  Updated December 1999
  • Erin Stallings ('90): Iím still in Seattle, where I completed a B.A. in Urban Studies and all but my thesis in a Master of Urban Planning.  My greatest love is travel Ė in the course of my studies I lived in the Netherlands for nine months, was the T.A. for an exchange in Siberia, and traveled solo around Croatia and Bosnia. Iím presently job hunting and looking for a way to go live in Eastern Europe. Drop me a line at erinstal@hotmail.com if you have any ideas or want to catch up!  Updated October 2007
  • Nikki Stegall ('95) married Derek Brandon Davis on June 10 in Marshville, NC.  Updated Spring 2000
  • April Stevenson (’91) married Mark McInnis in 1995.  Updated Spring 1998
  • Sarah Stevenson ('92) lives in Arlington, VA and is working for IREX and traveling the globe. Email her at syuska@irex.org.  Updated Summer 2003
  • Jessica Stine (‘92) lives in DC (STILL!) and just moved (AGAIN!) in the Historic U Street Neighborhood. She is pursuing her Master's in Urban Planning and still hopes to save the world. To contact her or her dogs: jlstine@earthlink.net  Updated Summer 2003
  • Heather Stokes (‘92) lives in Raleigh with Mary Floyd (‘92). Heather plans to travel for the next two months, first in California, then across Europe. Upon her return, she intends to put some effort into getting into a CPA program at a major university, perhaps even UNCG. mfloyd@cherryhuffman.com  Updated Summer 1999
  • Christyne Stuckey Bahringer (1991) married Eric Bahringer on New Years Eve 1998 in Las Vegas. I left UNICEF in 2002 to begin grad school in pursuit of a MSW. She lives in NYC with three dogs, a cat, and two overly chatty parrots. Would love to hear from old friends at Cbahringer@hotmail.com.  Updated Spring 2004
  • Christie Taylor ('93)  will graduate this summer from George Washington University with an MA in art therapy, after which she will seaWARCh for a job someplace that it doesn’t snow and has an ocean view. Wish her luck at crstetaylr@aol.com  Updated Spring 2000
  • Jennifer Taylor (‘93) started a new job in December working with the Durham County Literacy Council as an Americorps ESL coordinator. The job involves training ESL volunteers, doing reseaWARCh, writing grants, finding corporate funding, etc. jentaylor23@hotmail.com  Updated December 1999
  • Lesley Tesar Eichten (’92) writes:  John and I are back living in Greensboro after a couple of years in Phoenix, AZ. I’m currently employed as an Office Manager at Valleybrook Techincal Center on High Point Road, and John is the Sr. VP, Sales at TIMCO. We still have our 2 cats and our Boston Terrier named Niles…some things never seem to change. My current e-mail address is lesleyeichten@excite.com, I always welcome random e-mail from old friends!  Updated May 2007
  • Valerie Thompson Freeman (’93) married Tim Freeman December 2, 1997.  We have our own new addition to announce.  His name is Cooper Alexander Freeman.  He was born in Kennesaw, GA, June 8, 2001.  Stats: 5lbs 3oz, 17.5in.  He was 33wks 4dys gestational, so 6 1/2 wks early. We are all healing and adapting well.  Tim and I are living here in suburbia Atlanta.  Tim works downtown in sales at Interland.com and I am home with the baby.  We are very happy.  I'm glad to see WARC alive and well.  I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it.  I guess I still am.  Email her at vtfreeman@hotmail.com.   Updated Summer 2001
  • Chris Todd (1993)  is living in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Teaching at Coastal Carolina University in the art department.  Received MFA in Woodworking and Furniture Design from UMass Dartmouth, 2007.  Website:  www.chrismtodd.com and email ct@chrismtodd.com   Updated September 2008
  • Allison Towe (1996-98) I graduated in December 2000, moved to Raleigh, and am now working in the North Carolina General Assembly Senate as a Legislative Aide to Senator Robert Rucho. My work consists of reseaWARCh, writing, and constituent communication. While I am enjoying my eye-opening and educational stint in the General Assembly, I am working on breaking ground into the journalism field. Please e-mail me at ruchola@ncleg.net. I would love to hear from you!  Updated Fall 2001
  • Nicki Trimiar ('90) is still living in Greensboro playing guitar.  Thanks to Clay Young for the update!  Updated Spring 2000
  • Christy Turner ('93)  is officially enrolled part-time in UNCG’s Recreation Parks and Tourism graduate program, majoring in Leisure Service Management.  She also works full-time in the banking industry. Cmturne2@uncg.edu  Updated Spring 2000
  • Dana Walton (‘93) is surprised yet happy to find herself in the construction industry. She has a contractor’s license and is working on a real estate sales license. She lives in Hickory. Updated December 1999
  • Nicole Warters (1991) graduated UNCG in 1995 and married Chadwick Neal Willis on April 17, 1999. They live in Asheville. Nicole is the dance and drama teacher at Madison Middle School in Marshall, NC.  Updated Spring 2000
  • Kelly (Beissel) Williams ('90) received a M.S. in forestry from NCSU in 1996 and is now working for the NC Division of Coatal Management as their Wetland Restoration Specialist. Got hitched in November 1998- lives with her husband Brian in Raleigh. Email her at kelly_williams@mail.enr.state.nc.us  Updated Spring 1998
  • Nicole Warters ('91) is the dance teacher at the new Madison Middle School in Asheville. Updated Spring 1998
  • Pam White ('91): married Ambiorix Santos on May 17.  They met while she was in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.  Email: Whitepamela@hotmail.com  Updated Spring 1998
  • Brooke Wilson (‘94) graduated from Appalachian State in December 1998 with a degree in Communications, concentration in Public Relations, and a minor in Marketing. She lives in Atlanta and works as a PR Account Executive at Freebairn & Co. ab_wilson@yahoo.com  Updated December 1999
  • LaTasha Wilson (‘90) is a Campus Activities Advisor for the Pan-Hellenic Council and the Metropolitain Volunteer Program at the University of Houston.  Updated December 1999
  • Autum Winters ('93) married Jason Morningstar in Iceland in 2002. She now lives in Chapel Hill, works in the public library and indulges (as always) in pop culture. Email her at greengoatgirl@yahoo.com.  Updated Summer 2003 (Thanks, Jess!)
  • Julie Wolfe Young ('95)  I am married to Joe Young. We have a 2 year old daughter, Abigail. We live in Hickory, NC. I am the community educator for the local domestic violence program.  If anyone would like to reach me my contact info. is: theyoungwoman@hotmail.com or 3898 Mattingly Dr. Hickory, NC 28602 Updated December 2007
  • Hi guys! Matt Wood (1990-1994) is doing pretty ding-danged well. I'm living in Morrisville and am heading up the 'Course Reserves and Current Periodicals' unit at N.C. State's D.H. Hill Library, and am finding the position amicable. I received my MA in English Literature in August 2001, and am considering the possibility of working on an MLS. Makes sense really... free classes are at my disposal, and I like library work. Plus the degree would double my income. I'm living near Raleigh with my fellow alumnus and writer David Milloway, and just down the street from Roy Pine. Geeks of a feather, I suppose...Anyhow, if you feel like getting in touch then the odds are good that I miss you. My home address is mzwood@nc.rr.com . Drop me a line any time.
  • Clay Young Finished my MSc in sociology at the London School of Economics.  Opened my own body pieWARCing studio in a small seaside town just south of London.  Email him at clay3young@mindspring.com  Updated Spring 2000
  • Lucy Youngblood (‘90) lives in Decatur, GA. Charlie_McIver@hotmail.com  Updated December 1999
  • Bryce Yuska (‘93) is living in Arlington, VA. yuskabd@netzero.  Updated Summer 2003 (Thanks, Jess!)



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