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Information for prospective students

What students and parents say about Ashby Residential College

We're glad you're interested in Ashby College! Please browse around these web pages, but also feel free to give us a call or email your questions.

Also, if you're going to find yourself in Greensboro anytime soon, please email us; we can arrange for tours of ARC and even an overnight stay (if you plan on staying overnight, please give us as much notice as possible--several weeks notice is ideal

If you decide to apply to be an ARC student, you have a few options:

The entire application consists of three parts, which can be returned to us  separately, or together.

Part 1  The Essay Questions (This can be accessed electronically)
Part II   The References:  Faculty Reference, and Peer Support Form (PDFs that need to be distributed to a teacher and a friend, and returned to us.)
Part III   Personal Piece: Send us something personal that represents who you are, such as artwork, artistic photos, a page of your own writing, a video or cassette tape, or a photograph(s) of an adventure with a description (one page) explaining the significance.
Also, read through the following links for information on the entire application package.

To check the status of your application, please email or contact us the old-fashioned way.





Page updated: 05-Jan-2009

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