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Prospective Students

Information for prospective students   

We'll help you move in!

What is Ashby Residential College?

Ashby Residential College, housed in Mary Foust Residence Hall at UNCG, is a type of educational experience that offers all the advantages of education at a large university on a much smaller scale. The Residential College, in other words, offers the class sizes, individual attention, and access to faculty that students can expect at a small, liberal arts college, and at the same time offers access to the facilities and resources of a large research university.

Students participate fully in University activities, augmenting these with Residential College programs. Students join with each other and faculty to create unique experiences outside of the classroom. The ARC programs include academic pursuits, social gatherings, and combinations of the two. Several student-led committees initiate art and literary projects, parties, film screenings, collaborations with campus student groups, and many other activities. For more information on ARC programs, visit the Academic Life and Leadership Opportunities page.

Ashby Residential College includes living spaces, classrooms, activity areas, study spaces, and places to just hang out. The educational and social opportunities are first rate.

Ashby Residential College offers:
  • Small, co-ed student community (approximately 120 students)
  • Small classes (approximately 15 to 20 students) taught in Mary Foust Hall
  • Central campus location
  • A small library and 24-hour collabrotorium
  • A curriculum of unique and challenging University courses
  • Dedicated faculty working closely with all students
  • In-house advising and preregistration
  • Live-in faculty and Residential College Coordinator for teaching, academic coaching, and program coordination

Who is eligible for admission to the program?
Any student admitted to UNCG is eligible to apply for admission to Ashby College, and the program is open to (and works for) students in all majors and schools. Applications are evaluated by a committee of current students and administrators; the primary qualifications are a genuine interest in the Ashby Residential College Program, academic seriousness, and the potential to benefit from ARC. Honors and international students are welcome.

Okay, okay - what's the catch?
Actually, there is one catch: Students generally begin in Ashby Residential College during the first semester of their freshman year. You must be accepted by the UNCG Admissions Office and then apply to our program. Applications should be submitted while you are still in high school. There are always more applicants than we have space for, so be sure to apply early!

How is Mary Foust different from other residence halls?
Ashby Residential College offers classes in Mary Foust Hall. Our program offers a wide variety of courses, some of which are only available here and some of which are smaller seminar versions of courses offered to the larger community. All courses count toward credit for graduation. Further, our student-led programming creates a tight-knit community environment that offers students several ways of exploring their academic, service, and social interests.

Does acceptance into Ashby College take care of my housing arrangements?
Not yet! You must complete a housing contract. This process reserves a space for you in a residence hall. The Housing Office may initially place you in a room on campus (based on one of your choices), and then once you are accepted into the Ashby College program, we will contact HRL and request that you be moved into a room in Mary Foust Hall.

How do the classes work?
During their freshman and sophomore years, students participate in 3-4 interdisciplinary core courses in various disciplines with a common focus on peace and global studies. Students also choose other classes from a wide range of other academic courses, community service work, or independent study. All of these seminar courses fulfill general University requirements. The remainder of students' courses are taken outside of Mary Foust Hall.

Is there more to the program than taking classes?
Yes! Ashby Residential College fosters a deep sense of community among its members. Faculty, staff, and students join together in College committees, athletic competitions, concerts, recitals, coffee houses, theatrical performances, and picnics. Rich in tradition, the College maintains a series of events and programs, partially funded by student program dues. These have included the Ashby Dialogues, an annual Haunted House open to the entire university, semi-annual mountain retreats, arts festivals, theatre productions, literary magazines, poetry readings, choir performances, community-wide Thanksgiving dinners, and opportunities to solve all the problems in the world at the picnic table in front of Mary Foust Hall.

Is Ashby Residential College something new?
No. We are a two-year learning community that has been a part of UNCG for more than 40 years. Since its inception in 1970, Ashby Residential College has combined educational innovation with many of the better features of traditional college programs. The result is a unique environment that stresses connections among the members of the College (students, faculty, and staff) and within the University at large.



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