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Prospective Students -
What students and parents say about Ashby Residential College

"The Ashby Residential College embodies everything that I needed and wanted in college hall life. The sense of community shared in our hall is unrivaled. Moreover, there is always something to do, whether it is finding a study partner in our library, doing yoga in our parlor, or having a philosophical conversation while playing table tennis in our basement. Ours is a socially and academically engaging residence hall life experience."
--Amanda Headley, student

"Living in the Ashby Residential College program for the past two years has helped me grow as an individual, manage academic and social demands, and has helped me grow as a leader/organizer. I have met my best friends here at the ARC and have numerous happy memories that reside in these hallways."
--Kayla Newman, student
Lexington, NC

"Residential College has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have made more close friends during my years in Mary Foust than I have anywhere else. From my first week to my last week there, I felt that RC was my home. I grew up there, but still kept the kid inside of me."
--Matthew M. Perelli, student
Herndon, VA

"Residential College at UNCG has been a wonderful experience for us. Though it is a terrific value, we believe many of its features are not available elsewhere at any price. We would urge the family of any motivated student to look closely at the program."
--Steven & Dale Govus, parents
Forest City, NC

"My favorite place at UNCG is the Residential College. I love the people, the classes, the faculty, the activities, and even the committees. I truly feel at home here. Everyone's door is always open and there's always someone willing to talk or hang out or play hockey; whatever you want to do, there's always someone to do it with you."
--Karen Gilbert, student
Rougemont, NC

"When Chris got to Residential College it was her first chance to take full responsibility for herself and her actions. Residential College nurtured her and helped her realize her potential. We are very proud of our daughter."
--Gerald & Ruth Todd, parents
Kittery, ME

"RC puts a hop in your step."
--Wake Wagner, student
Winston-Salem, NC



Page updated: 05-Jan-2009

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