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Student Internship Insurance

Many students are working outside of the university as interns on behalf of the university as part of their required curriculum in their course of studies. The university's liability insurance will not extend to the students while they are working outside of the university, however, there is still an exposure for liability risks to the student. In order to help protect the student, in many cases, the university requires the interns to purchase liability insurance.

We do have available to us a policy that the students are able to purchase for a very minimal premium each semester as it is needed. The University Student Intern Insurance Program provides coverage for an insured party that becomes legally liable to pay damages because of property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury due to their participation in a university internship program to which the policy applies. In health related occupations, this insurance will also pay those sums, which an insured party becomes legally obligated because of any act, error, or omission in the rendering of or failure to render professional services in conjunction with an internship. This program also includes a medical expense benefit to participants.

This coverage is requested and secured by each department and/or instructor. A roster form can be requested from our office and completed by the department/instructor who also collects the premium from the students. The completed roster is them emailed ( or faxed to our office and we will get the information to the insurance company. Upon receipt of the invoice from NCAIA, we will forward it to the appropriate department/instructor for payment with a BANFIN 32. This coverage is purchased on a per semester basis.