UNCG Department of Environmental Health and Safety

Office of Safety

Most Common Building Inspection Notations

Aisles, Hallways, Corridors 
(means of Egress)
Kept clean and free of obstructions NCBC Vol.V Ch. 8 
OSHA 1910.37
Chemical Storage Incompatible chemicals must not be stored 
NFPA 45 7-.23
Gas Cylinders Secured
Properly stored
NFPA 55 6-6 
NCBC Vol. V, Sect.1503
Chemicals Properly Labeled NFPA 30 4-4.42, 
45  7-2.3 
OSHA 1910.1200
Electrical Cords Not used as permanent wiring (not over 90 days) 
In good repair
NEC 305-4(h) 
NEC 400-8 
Electrical/ Mechanical Rooms Not used as storage area NCBC Vol. 3, 
Table 305
Electrical Panels Clearance of 36 inches 
Complete circuit directory 
Mounted in deadfront
OSHA 1910.303(i)
NEC 110.22
NEC 384 18
Emergency Action Plans Posted emergency evacuation plan OSHA 1910.38A
Eyewash Stations Unobstructed
Weekly inspection
ANSI Z358.1990
OSHA 1910.151
Exit Lights Operational OSHA 1910.37(q)(2)
NCBC Vol.V 603.2
Fire Extinguishers Accessible
Not tampered with
OSHA 1910.157
NCBC Vol.V 602.1
Flammable Storage Cabinet Door closed
Flammables stored inside cabinet
NFPA 30 4-3.2
OSHA 1910.106
Food & Drink Not consumed in laboratory
Not stored in research refrigerator
ANSI Z4.1-68
OSHA 1910.141 (g)
Machine Guarding In place, not removed OSHA 1910.212
Oxygen Storage Away from incompatible materials, away from flammable or combustible material NFPA 51 2-4.3
Stair/ Corridor Doors Should not be chocked open NCBC Vol. V-504.7
Personal Protective Equipment
Eye Protection Available
In use as required
ANSI Z 87.1
OSHA 1910.133
Protective Gloves Available
In use as required
ANSI J6.6-71
OSHA 1910.138
Respirator Use Program up to date ANSI Z 88.2-69
OSHA 1910.134

KEY to abbreviations:
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
NCBC - North Carolina Building Code
NEC - National Electric Code
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Association