Types of Fires and Fire Extinguishers

In order to choose the right type fire extinguisher, you must know what type of fire you are attempting to control.  If you are not sure, your best course of action is to leave the area and activate the fire alarm.  The National Fire Protection Association has divided fires into four types, determined by the materials or fuel being burned.  Extinguishers are labeled as to which of the four types of fire they are effective in controlling.

The main three types of fire have been coded with either a letter or a standard pictogram shown to the right.

Class A:  Fires with trash, wood, paper or other combustible materials as the fuel source.

Class B:  Fires with flammable or combustible liquids as the fuel source.

Class C:  Fires involving electrical equipment.

Class D:  Fires with certain ignitable metals as a fuel source.

In order to continue with this tutorial, you must choose the correct answer:
Fires whose fuel source consists of paper, trash and ordinary combustibles are considered to be?
a.    Class A
b.    Class B
c.    Class C
d.    Class D

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