UNCG Department of Environmental Health and Safety

III. Responsibilities

(from Section 0010 of the UNCG Safety & Health Policy & Procedure Manual

Each committee will have the following responsibilities, as applicable to the committee's work environment.  For example, the Maintenance/Construction Safety Committee will review policies, statistical records, etc. as they pertain to Maintenance/Construction activities.

  • Conduct meetings quarterly, maintaining written minutes that are posted.
  • Review the university's safety policies and procedures.
  • Review the university's work injury and illness statistical records and safety training records.
  • Review annual inspections of all university facilities.
  • Make written recommendations to the Campus Safety Oversight Committee.
  • Designate Employee Safety and Health Representative(s) to meet with  representatives from regulatory agencies during safety and health inspections.
  • Review and recommend improvements for incidents involving work-related fatalities, injuries, illnesses, or near-misses.
  • Review and recommend improvements for employee complaints concerning safety and health hazards in the workplace.