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On Campus Service Committee Beautification Efforts

campus beautification

The OCSC participated in a beautification on campus on October 16th. The event was coordinated by Staff Senator Nicole Piscitelli and led by Chris Fay & Kevin Siler of the award winning UNCG Grounds Department. Ornamental grasses were planted near the "back door" entrance of the Mossman Building. Chris noted that another bed near the entrance which had been planted with hybrid Daisies was well received by the staff of Mossman. "People like walking past pretty flowers on their way into work, it makes them happy" according to Chris. The event was attended by Nicole Piscitelli, Douglas Taylor, Daniel Smith and Kenny Norris.

As these beautification projects are mutually enjoyed by staff and grounds crew we will be coordinating two per year. One event will take place in Spring and one in the Fall. This will provide learning opportunities about seasonal planting times and varieties.

If you wish to participate please contact an On Campus Service Committee member!