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Web Accessibility Audit

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive Audit!
This is an attempt to capture, with imprecise tools, the state of UNCG Web Accessibility.

UNCG Web Accessibility Audit Instrument


The Web Accessibility Audit Instrument has three major components:

  • Webpage Information
  • Validity
  • Accessibility Guidelines

Webpage Information

Record the URL of the webpage, the division it is maintained by and finally its type, or position, in the unit's hierarchy.

Remember: A Unit is a collection of related pages. Typically pages of a Units share a navigational devices (think "menus").

We have designated Four Types:

Every unit has a homepage. It is likely that this page will be the most frequently visited page of the unit. Therefore, special attention is warranted re: accessibility.
Second Tier Pages
These are pages that link directly to the homepage of a unit. It is assumed they will be heavily traversed.
Third Tier Plus Pages
There are additional pages on a unit that do not link directly to the homepage. These are deeply embedded pages and are likely only to be visited by highly motivated individuals looking for specific information.
Web Application Views
Finally, we have additional components of web units which are completely dynamic, meaning they are delivering unique content to the user. That content may change per user or even per transaction. The accessibility of the content may be different than the accessibility of the application, the content-delivery mechanism. The application may be purchased or homegrown.
Technically, they are outside the scope of our audit.
Webpage Info


Determine the Markup Language Validity of the webpage using the 3WC Markup Validator, found at:


Enter the URL of the webpage being audited. Submit the form.

Record the DOCTYPE of the webpage, its validity status, and if not valid, the number of errors.


Accessibility Guidelines

Determine the Accessibility of the webpage using the ATRC Web Accessibility Tester, found at:


NOTE: Be sure to Tester is using the appropriate Guidelines!
We are testing against two:

  • Section 508 and
  • WCAG 1.0 (Level A)

Enter the URL of the webpage being audited and submit the form.

Record the Status of the webpage (Conditional Pass or Failure) according to the standard,
and the number of errors, by type: Known, Likely and Potential.

Classify the errors. Change the report to sort the errors by Accessibility Guideline.

Change Sort

Look at the Table. You should see items label with letters of the Alphabet. For each, Choose the most significant problem type.

If 1 or more Known problems are reported, choose Known.
If no Known problems are reported, but 1 or more Likely problems are reported, choose Likely.
If no Known or Likely problems are reported, but 1 or more Potential problems are reported, choose Potential.
Finally, only if no problem is reported for the criteria, do not do anything.

Accessibility Guildeline

Page updated: 19-Apr-2007

Accessibility Policy

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