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Scripts, Applets, PDF Files, & Other Applications


Some browsers/screen readers do not support some plug-ins, applets, scripts, or other propriety formats. Provide alternatives for their users.


  1. Provide alternative content for users with browsers that don't support scripts. Put the content within a NOSCRIPT tag.
  2. If your web page requires the user to have an applet, plug-in, or other application to interpret the page's content, you should provide a link on the page to it.
  3. Adobe PDF (Portable Data Format) files can be interpreted as graphics rather than as text by screen readers, rendering them inaccessible. If you must include a PDF file, make an HTML version of the file and include links to both versions.
  4. For scripts and applets, ensure that event handlers are input device-independent.
  5. Avoid movement in pages
  6. Ensure that any element that has its own interface can be operated in a device-independent manner.
  7. Include ALT attributes when you use Java applets so browsers that don't support Java will give the user information about the applet's function.

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