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FALL 2011

Mrs. Anne Barton, History
STR 301 (Strong College Tutorial: Autobiography & Western Civilization)

HIS 511B (Senior Capstone)

Dr. Stephen Danford, Physics and Astronomy
PHY 330 (Astrophysics)

AST 235 (Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies)

Dr. Sherrill W. Hayes, ’97, ’00, Conflict Resolution
Graduate classes

Dr. Christopher Hodgkins,
ENG 340 (Shakespeare: Later Plays)

Dr. Joanne Murphy, Classical Studies

CCI 201 (Intro to Greek Civilization)

CCI 205 (Mythology)

CCI 207 (Ancient Sports and Society)

Dr. Adam Ricci, Music
MUS 100 (Fundamentals of Music)

MUS 201 (Music Theory III: Musical Structure)

MUS 205 (Ear Training III)

Dr. Susan Shelmerdine, Classical Studies
CCI 405 (Andvanced Studies in Mythology)

GRK 201 (Elementary Ancient Greek I)

LAT 204 (Intermediate Latin II)

LAT 552 (Teaching Secondary-Level Latin)

Dr. Robert Simmons, Classical Studies
CCI 305 (Classical Comedy)
LAT 203 (Intermediate Latin I)

Ms. Jennifer Whitaker, English, Writing Center

ENG 221 (Writing of Poetry: Introductory)

HSS 107 (First-Year Seminar Literature--King Arthur)

Dr. David Wharton, Classical Studies
CCI 325 (The Age of Augustus)
LAT 101 (Elementary Latin I)

LAT 199 (Conversational/ W. Modern Latin)



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