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Current Students - Events

Cornelia Strong College Events

2011 Valentine'sDance

Council is on Monday evenings at 8:00 in the JCR.  Council is responsible for organizing and implementing traditional Strong College events, including the annual Croquet Tournament and Buffalo Creek Regatta, as well as developing any special events members might want to try. Council is overseen by a member-elected President and run by a series of committees. All members are encouraged to serve on at least one committee.  You can come give suggestions for things you want to see happen in the dorm.  Come and tell us what you think! 

Lemurodeon is our Wednesday night movie.  It is right after council at 9:00 in the committee room. We show a variety of movies so if you have any requests, post them on strong-l and we will try to show them!
Tea is on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30. We serve tea and other refreshments for you to enjoy. Tea is a perfect place to introduce yourself to Strong College’s Fellows, faculty members associated with the program who represent a wide array of departments and fields. Fellows and College members mingle, talk, laugh, discuss issues of grand importance and relative minutiae, and they get to know each other on a personal level outside of the classroom. It’s also a great place to get free food and take a break from the beginning of the week.
Several times a year we'll have special teas such as Welcome Tea and Holiday Tea.

Coffee Bar
On Thursdays at 9:00, the Blue Lemur provides free coffee to all and great conversation to anyone with ears to listen. It's a great way for CSC members to take a little time to end their week conversing with friends and enjoying their College experience. The Blue Lemur is the best example of student leadership in CSC: it was founded in 1996 by members Sherrill Hayes (’97, ’00) and Tim Owens (’98) and has been passed down from College generation to College generation. The blacklight atmosphere and the liquefied caffeine we call coffee conjure up the telling of stories, the dissemination of gossip, the venting of frustrations, and a host of other events that make the Blue Lemur the only way to your end your week. Sorry decaf drinkers: the Blue Lemur has been Fighting the Forces of Decaf since 1996.
The following remarks on The Blue Lemur were written in the Strong College Commonplace Book:

“Thursday nights are, possibly, the highlight of my week. That's coffee bar night. Louis and I take whichever coffee mug I am courting at the moment (once it was a Scooby-Doo mug, then a borrowed Christmas mug that sings, and now a really awesome Han Solo mug) and plunk it on the counter. It comes back filled with hot piping coffee, or whatever that black oodgey stuff really is. We call it coffee because we don't know the real name. I sit swathed in the glow of black light and listen to gossip. Usually someone, with me often being that someone, is feeling down and out. Thursday night "coffee" can do that to a person. So then I take the miserable someone and go cheer him up. Somehow, I think that's what Strong College is all about...”
If you don’t go to coffee bar, Tim will be sad.  Tim the Lemur that is, not Tim the giant.  Well, I guess Tim the giant might be sad too, but do it for the lemur. 

Fellow's Lunch
Every Friday at noon, Strong College meets in a special area of the CAF to eat and visit with College members and Faculty Fellows.

Casual Events
These are one of the most important aspects of life in Strong College. Public spaces such as the JCR are home to a nightly stream of impromptu events, including card games of all sorts, study groups, or simple conversation between groups of College members. If you cannot find anyone else around at night, you can always find someone in the JCR. All new members are encouraged to stop by the JCR during the first week and join in on the conversation. Making friends should not be this easy!

New Event Ideas
Strong College changes with the interests of its members. Therefore, it is important that weekly and annual events appeal to a large number of Strong College members. Residents, non-resident members, associates, and fellows are encouraged to submit ideas for new events. What better way is there to gauge interest in a prospective event than to inquire at Tea or Coffee Bar? Help make Strong College all that it can be!

Annual Events
The Strong College Croquet Tournament has been held each fall during Fall Fest since 1995. Participation in the tournament is open to all Strong College members. You do not have to know how to play croquet to enter – look no farther than the talent of our champions for convincing proof! Virtually none of us have any skill at all! The tournament is accompanied by refreshments and the annual “Pie-An-RA” fundraiser, at which College Staff and Fellows receive faces full of dessert while raising funds for local charities.
The Buffalo Creek Regatta has been held every spring since 1995 in Buffalo Creek, located in Peabody Park, one of UNCG’s finest natural resources. We race miniature boats in an effort to – well, we’re not sure why we’re doing it, but it sure is fun! The Regatta features refreshments and prizes for the winner.

The Halloween and Valentine's Dances are also of long standing, and we’ll let you guess when the happen. The College Council organizes each dance, establishes a theme (if any), arranges for music and refreshments, and decorates the JCR. Costumes of brilliant ingenuity abound at both events. Most folks try to dance but usually end up flailing about and embarrassing themselves. Various contests and other activities are dreamed up by the Strong College each year, so who knows what might happen!








Page updated: 05-Jan-2009

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