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Prospective Students - What to Expect

wte1What will it be like when I get to South Spencer?
We’ll immediately involve you in a whirl of Welcoming Week Activities. Highlights will include a visit to the Natural Science Center to see the lemurs (our College mascot) and a trip to Piney Lake for swimming and relaxation.

What do I have to do to be part of Strong College?
Participate in activities! The core of our program is community building, and we can’t do that if all of the students stay in their rooms. So … take advantage of the opportunities to visit with other members of the College and with the Faculty Fellows. You’ll find a complete list of weekly and annual activities under the Events page.

wte2What are Faculty Fellows?
Faculty Fellows are faculty members who volunteer their time because they care about you and about Strong College. Many of them attend Tuesday teas, Friday lunches, and various special activities. Some of them will also occasionally lead book groups or give lectures on topics of interest to the College.

What do Strong College students do when they’re not in class or studying?
They hang out in the JCR (Junior Common Room.) At any time you might find students talking together, playing the piano, playing board games, or eating together. The JCR is the center of our community, the living room of our collective home.

Who runs the program?
The Hall Council takes care of the planning and management of activities while the Director and Admissions Director take care of Strong College’s relationships with faculty and offices across the UNCG campus.


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