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Apparel Product Design Sewing Proficiency Examination

APD 250: Product Design Studio I: Process & Structure is only offered once a year.  In order to register for this class, you must have passed the Apparel Product Design Sewing Proficiency Exam. 

The exam now includes a written portion offered several days before the sewing portion. The written exam  must be passed before you will be allowed to take the sewing portion of the exam.   To review for the written exam, read the study materials below. A passing score is considered to be 73 points or above for the written exam. The written exam may be taken only once per semester.

The sewing portion of the exam is offered on “Reading Day” which is toward the end of the Fall and Spring semesters.   This is a monitored 2 1/2 hour exam designed to assess your construction skills. You will find below links the documents which you need to print out regarding the exam.  One is a sample of the type of pattern used for the sewing portion of the exam.  The other is the Criteria for Sewing Proficiency which should be used as a reference and study guide.  The "Criteria" document includes the point system used to determine a grade.  A passing score is considered to be 73 points or above.

Applications to take the exam are emailed to all students designated as CARS Majors well in advance of the exam.   There are only 20 spaces available in the sewing exam and spaces are assigned as applications are received.  In the event that multiple applications are received at one time, priority will be given to the student with the fewest previous attempts at the Sewing Proficiency Exam. 

An alternative to the Sewing Proficiency Exam is to enroll in a basic sewing course at another institution. Note:  All basic sewing courses must be approved by an APD Faculty member prior to enrolling in the course at another institution.   1) Students who choose to enroll in a basic sewing course can take the course for credit, earn a grade of C or better and transfer the credit to UNCG to count as a free elective.   You must provide documentation of passing the course. -OR- 2) Students may opt to take a non-credit course in basic sewing, but will still need to take the APD Sewing Proficiency Exam.   All non-credit courses will only serve to build your construction skills and cannot be transferred for credit.

One approved course for transfer credit is FCS 281: Apparel Construction and Evaluation, offered at North Carolina A&T State University typically in the fall semester.  This course can be taken through the Greater Greensboro Consortium.  Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information, 334-5946.


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