Office of the General Counsel

Selected Policies and Procedures

This page provides links to relevant State and University Policy Manuals and to selected UNCG policies and procedures. Forms are provided in some cases. If there is any question about these policies or their interpretation, please contact the General Counsel's office at 334-3067.

Policy Manuals:-

  • UNC Policy Manual: The UNC Policy Manual is published by The University of North Carolina General Administration and is a valuable reference tool for University administrators. This manual contains presidential regulations and guidelines, and policies promulgated by the Board of Governors, including The Code of the Board of Governors.
  • Office of State Human Resources Policy Manual: This manual contains the policies, regulations, and procedures of the Office of State Personnel which apply to employees of state agencies, universities, boards and commissions that are covered by the provisions of the State Personnel Act.

UNCG Policy Manuals:

  • University Policy Manual: The University Policy Manual was created in 1988 to serve as a primary reference document for University staff and faculty. Sections include: academic/academic support; administration; personnel; research; student service; and an appendix.
  • Policy Manual for Staff Employees: This manual contains the personnel policies and procedures which apply to UNCG employees that are covered by the provisions of the State Personnel Act. it also contains all policies and procedures related to the benefits offered to all UNCG employees (EPA and SPA).
  • Academic Affairs Policies & Procedures: This collection of policies includes the academic policies at UNCG as well as the Faculty Handbook and personnel policies for faculty and academic staff (EPA).
  • Policies & Procedures Manual (Office of Business Affairs): This manual contains policies for the University functions of Auxiliary Services, Business Services, Facilities, Finance, Foundations, Human Resources, Public Safety & Police. The Finance policies include Contracts and Grants, Financial Planning & Budgets, Financial Services, Internal Audit, Purchasing, Risk Management, and Travel.
  • Policies for Students: The formal policies contained in this publication do not exhaust the formal rules and policies for students, but do represent those most pertinent to the daily life of students at UNCG.
  • Safety & Health Policy & Procedures Manual: This policy manual was developed by The Office of Safety to accomplish the goal of a safe and healthful environment for the UNCG community. These policies are reviewed by the Safety and Health Committees and each member of the University community is required to abide by these established safety and health policies and procedures.

Selected UNCG Policies and Procedures:-

Please note: some items require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.