Office of the General Counsel

Legal Issues Seminars

This page provides links to powerpoint presentations regarding a number of hot legal topics affecting UNCG. These presentations are designed to give general information about the law in particular areas. They are not to be considered as legal advice regarding any specific matter.

Commercial Enterprises at UNCG and the Law:- Includes discussion of the Umstead. Act, UBIT and use of facilities built or rennovated with tax exempt bond financing.

Contract Review Policy :- Covers the Contract Review Policy with emphasis on defining who is authorized to sign UNCG contracts.

Copyright Laws and the University :- This presentation begins with an introduction to copyright law including ownership and fair use. It also addresses the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the TEACH Act.

Disability Law:- Section 504 and the Americans With Disabilities Act are discussed both for employees and students.

FERPA :- FERPA governs the right of students and their parents to access the students' education records. It also establishes privacy rights in information maintained by UNCG about its students.

HIPAA at UNCG :- The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act affects many operations at UNCG such as Gove Health Center, the Psychology clinic, etc. HIPAA also impacts human subjects research and the IRB. This presentation gives all the details.

Liability Issues :-Employees often want to know what their liability exposure is for various activities they undertake as part of their campus responsiblites, e.g. transporting students to field trips. This presentation covers a host of such issues.

Public Records and Open Meetings :- North Carolina law governing public access to government records and the exceptions (e.g. student records) and the law about public access to meetings of government boards, committees, task forces, etc. are all addressed in this presentation.

Research and Technology Transfer at UNCG :- This presentation includes an introduction to patents, technology transfer and also to human subjects research under HIPAA.

Unlawful Harassment :- Unlawful workplace harassment and sexual harasment, both of employees and students is covered here.

Free Speech in the Classroom :- This presentation covers academic freedom in the classroom, including First Amendment rights for both faculty members and students.

Document Retention for Litigation :- This presentation covers the preservation of physical and electronic records as evidence in the event of any litigation involving the University.

If there are any questions about these presentations please contact the General Counsel's office at 334-3067.