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The Sullivan Years teaser image The Sullivan years

It was January 1995 and the new year lay ahead. UNCG was facing a bit of an identity crisis. Student enrollment had dropped slightly from the previous year. State budget cuts loomed. Campus morale was low. Into this environment walked the university's brand new chancellor, Dr. Patricia A. Sullivan.

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UNCG has evolved a great deal since Chancellor Patricia A. Sullivan took the helm. See memorable moments and achievements of the last 13 years.

Q and A feature teaser image Q & A with Chancellor Sullivan

While Chancellor Patricia A. Sullivan is well-respected for her leadership, few people have an opportunity to get to know her personal side. As with anyone who works in the public eye, people are curious about the smallest details. Those who know the chancellor well often field questions such as — Does she have a personal shopper? Who does her nails? Does she cook? Our staff had a great time compiling these and all the other questions we ever wanted to ask.

Q & A with Chancellor Sullivan
Mr. Sullivan, I presume teaser image Mr. Sullivan, I presume

People who meet Charlie Sullivan usually address him as “Mr. Sullivan,” unaware that he holds both a master's and a PhD in electrical engineering from New York University. They also don't know that he had a 25-year career in the corporate world with General Electric and Texas Instruments. That's OK with Sullivan, who says he is comfortable with “Charlie” in nearly all circumstances.

Mr. Sullivan, I presume
Tomes and Treasures teaser image Tomes and Treasures

For years, the chancellor's office on the third floor of Mossman Building has been Sullivan's home away from home. While the desk carries stacks of paper necessary to the day-to-day running of the university, tucked away on the bookcase shelves are mementos and little bits of whimsy.

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Please be our guest as UNCG honors the extraordinary legacy of Chancellor Patricia A. Sullivan.

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