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The following are letters commenting on the fall 2007 issue.

Thank you for the article “Bringing the Wounded Home.” I can't express how much I appreciate you putting the PTSD information out there. My mom, brother and I have served in the Army. My mom and brother both suffer from PTSD. My brother served in Afghanistan for a year and has not been the same since. He's 22 and lost in this world. Also, thank you for printing the symptoms of TBI and PTSD. Hopefully more people will get involved with helping these soldiers. I believe this is one of your best magazines yet.

Joshua Green

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Thank you for the best edition ever of the alumni magazine.

I love the recognition of our vets and their contributions, especially in the medical and nursing fields.

So important we not forget their efforts too.

Betsy Blee '75
Lt Col, USMCR, retired

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Something has been bugging me and I think I have figured it out. The picture of Pattie (Lewis, page 30 of the fall magazine) is all wrong. The 3rd Service Command patch should be on the left arm. … That picture of her is printed backward. Look carefully at how the jacket is buttoned. Women button right to left, ergo the picture is printed with the left arm on the right side of the body.

Sorry about that, but Pattie would agree with me.

Alice Boehret '50

Good eyes. We checked with University Archivist Betty Carter and she noted that we printed the photograph exactly as it was given to University Archives. “Neither one of us flipped the photo — it was flipped many years ago. I am sure Alice is correct.”

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As a UNCG alumnus and a close relative of Elizabeth Phillips (she and my mother are double first cousins) … I was also happy to see that she is alive and well!

Elizabeth is a ground-breaking scholar and activist not only for literature but for women's issues … it has been my honor and privilege to have her in my family and my life.

Mary E. McCulley '84, RN, MS, CPNP-AC

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I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying receiving my issues of UNCG magazine. You all are doing such a great job. The articles are interesting, the pictures are lively, etc. … I don't know much about magazine publishing, but to put it in layman's terms, the magazine always just looks great and holds my interest really well. It makes me feel good to read it, and it makes me proud of having graduated from UNCG. What more could you ask for out of an alumni magazine?

My time at UNCG was a very happy for me, and reading this magazine brings that feeling back. Thank you for that.

Elizabeth Murrie Dalton '99

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