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Think of this issue as an elaborate love letter.

Not the sappy kind that romantic young girls sigh over and dream dreams about. This is a grown-up love letter, born out of years of commitment and sharing and mutual history; a letter that expresses deep-seated admiration, appreciation, gratitude and respect.

Our chancellor is retiring, and our hope is that we communicate how much she is esteemed and valued, how much her time here has changed UNCG for the better. That's part of the reason we’ve included many, many quotes from people who have had the pleasure of knowing her and working with her.

Not one person we contacted refused to talk about Chancellor Sullivan. It's hard to express the excitement and eagerness that came across as each spoke about her legacy and what she has meant to UNCG and to Greensboro. These are many voices lifted in a huge bravo.

While this magazine showcases the lasting legacy Chancellor Sullivan will leave behind, it's also a love letter to UNCG and all that it's becoming. Take a look at the timeline and see just how far the university has come in the last 13 years. A high research activity ranking. A beautiful, more functional campus. A global, outward focus.

Those of us who work on this magazine typically call it a labor of love. This time, it's even more fitting than usual.

Thank you, Chancellor Sullivan.

- UNCG Magazine staff





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